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Tracking Applicants

Tools and guides for tracking applications from receipt to screening, interviewing and candidate selection

Probation Review

Forms, guides, and letter script templates to prepare for, guide, and evaluate the probationary period of new hires or employees in new positions

Performance Improvement Plans

Process guide and forms for initiating and managing a performance improvement plan

Orientation & Onboarding

Guides for preparing for the new hire's all-important first day, and first week

Job Evaluation

Forms and a supporting guide to document position responsibilities and activities for recruiting & hiring, performance management and setting compensation levels

Employee Engagement

Suite of forms and templates to solicit employee feedback and plan social events

Training & Development

Collection of template forms and agreements to support training and development requests, approvals and reimbursement

Staff Directory & Organizational Chart

Tools and templates to create an interactive staff directory

Staff Departures

Tools to ensure details are covered when staff leave your company