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We know you love your people. It's the HR for small business part that can make some of us itchy. For many small businesses, HR is an acronym for Hairy Role. Expensive, complicated, and time-consuming. 

We're in business to change that perception with our professional-grade HR toolkits that jump start or enhance your HR for small business. We don't like red or gray. We're all about being in the black because we love profit for small business. That includes social profit.

We're not focused on humongous banks, bureaucratic agencies, or big corporate environments - even though we've been there/done that. That’s where we learned about what big-time HR does well. We’ve also worked with dozens of small businesses as HR consultants, writers, administrators, and customer service reps. That’s where we learned to know and love small business. 

We identify with HR pain points that resonate with small business, and understand how competitive and challenging it can be to find, hire and keep motivated, highly sought after A-Players. Our toolkits are all about increasing productivity and profit for your small business by helping you implement HR process and people clarity for everyone.

Our Story

Great businesses need great employees as well as great leaders. Everyone has to be engaged, accountable and responsible even when (or especially when) you’re away.

When you’re out there trying to bring in business, you’ve got one eye on the road and the other scanning the competition to keep it from passing you. It’s easy to forget scheduling that oil change or rotate your tires. The nuts and bolts maintenance that keeps your organization rolling. That’s what ConnectsUs does for you. We make sure the basic but important “stuff” is in place so your people can get things done – even when you are not there to answer all the questions.

We were just an idea in 2004 when we set out to compile all of the information that small businesses would need to take care of their people – so that their people could take care of business. We drew on our decades of sweat equity earned in organizational development, HR consulting, operations, administration, systems and process design to create and deliver pre-written HR best practices that work. We had experts review our work – and revised it before getting their blessing. 

The result: our flagship product, ClearSite, a collection of HR templates for creating employee manuals. Thousands of small businesses across North America are now using ClearSite. It has proven so versatile that ClearSite is used by companies with just 3 employees to some with more than 200. And by companies in very different sectors: the service industry, manufacturing, mining, real estate and hi-tech. You would instantly recognize many of their names. Some users aren’t even for profit, such as charitable foundations and faith-based communities. The one thing all ClearSite users had in common was a lack of HR fundamentals.

Fast forward to the present. We're an online resource center providing HR Kits for small business and we live in the cloud. We’re still trying to make things better with new products and our HR blog. That’s where we ask the tough questions that stir things up and get people talking about what works – and what doesn’t – in the workplace.

How We Roll

Find out how we make a difference by supporting families and the environment.

If you're successful at ConnectsUs: 

  • You think critically.
  • You do what you say.
  • You say what you mean.
  • You get it over the finish line.
  • You‘re smart.
  • You say when you don’t know something.
  • You‘ve proven that you can work remotely.
  • When you make a mistake, you own it. Then you fix it.
  • You laugh. A lot. Preferably out loud. 
  • You‘re genuine. Dogs like you. Kids like you.
  • Status quo bugs you.

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