Defining Formal Terms of Conduct Policies

Formal Terms of Conduct Policies

Define the formal terms
in a separate document

Terms & Definitions Addendum

The Terms & Definition Addendum in this Contracts & Agreements kit is only used if you're using the Staff Policies Manual to supplement your Employment Contract Agreement or Independent Contractor Agreement.

Rather than repeating the terms and definitions whenever capitalized formal terms are used throughout your Staff Policies Manual, it's recommend that they are listed alphabetically and defined in a separate document.  

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Finally, you have the Staff Policies Manual/Employee Handbook completed. The next important milestone is the roll-out phase. This phase is as important as putting the Manual/Handbook together. You want the end users to use the Manual/Handbook as intended. If not, what's the use of a Manual, right? 

The Manual/Handbook has lots of terms in it. Some terms, if not properly defined, will be opened to individual interpretation reducing the effectiveness of the policy or in a worst case scenario, giving the policy a totally different meaning. Therefore, it's recommended that employees are given access to a list of Terms & Definitions Addendum to accompany the Manual/Handbook.

All terms used in the Manual/Handbook are clearly defined in the Addendum. Unless you are changing the definition of the terms used, the Addendum is good to be used without any modications. 

How is the Terms & Definitions Addendum Used?

  • Once a staff member is hired, they will have access to the Terms & Definitions Addendum for ongoing reference just like any other public documents available to them - such as your Staff Policies Manual and your Employee Handbook/Manual.  
  • Create a web page on your website where the Staff Policy Manual, your Employee Manual and your Terms & Definitions live and where revision control is maintained.  Instead of sending the Terms & Definitions to a candidate by email, you could provide the candidate with a link to the URL.

Why do I need to define the formal terms for Conduct Policies?

Creating a separate document to list and define the formal terms used in your manuals: 

  • Becomes a repository for formal terms that could be referenced for a number of different HR documents.
  • De-clutters and reduces the size of your SPM by not having to continuously repeat definition whenever the term is used. For example, the term "Harassment" or "Electronic Communication" may be used numerous times throughout the Manual, but it's only defined once in the Terms & Definitions document
  • Allows readers to open the Terms & Definitions document and read it side by side with the SPM or Employee Handbook/Manual, rather than toggling back and forth within a document to search for a definition. 
  • Protects your company and staff by ensuring that everyone understands the terms used throughout these important documents.
  • Employees are even more likely to pay attention when you've got 3 layers of clear documentation to outline your house rules that they've signed off on. 
  • Helps to ensure protection of your company. If an employee situation ends in litigation, you'll have a much better chance in court if you have your terms and conditions clearly laid out. 
  • Helps to protect your company against the NOTMICS
  • Using your Terms & Definitions document in conjunction with the following documents ensures you're clearly articulating conduct policies and expectations before the employee is hired and provides another layer of protection for your company.

What are the Risks if I don't?

  • Employees and staff members misunderstand the terms used in your Staff Policies Manual and Employee Handbook/Manual, and as a result misunderstand the policies outlined.
  • An employee or staff member fails to meet the expectations set out in the Staff Policies Agreement/Employee Manual, and in their defense, argues that the policies were not properly explained to them. In this situation, you may have limited recourse with regards to taking disciplinary action.
  • If your rules and do's and don't's are not clearly laid out and defined, you can't expect that employees will 'just know' as the courts will often conclude.  



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