Manager's guide to Probationary Employees

A Manager's guide to Probationary Employees

What you don't know may surprise you!

Process Guide for Managers - Probationary Periods

This Manager Guide for Probationary Employees outlines a step-by-step process for managers of the probationary period process, and explains who's responsible for each step.

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This Manager Guide ties together the WhoWhatWhenWhere, and Why of how to manage the probationary employee. It tells managers what’s expected of them, what to do when, how to do it, and what tools to use. It makes them accountable, and eliminates the excuse, “I didn’t know I was supposed to do that.”

The Manager Guide for Probationary Employees references all the ConnectsUs documents related to probationary periods, and gives you the option to link them directly to the guide so that managers can open the documents while reading about them. Linking to documents right from the guide eliminates questions like:

  • What documents do I need to manage probationary employees?
  • When am I supposed to use them? 
  • How do I use them?
  • Where do I find them?
  • Is this the latest version?

Why use it

  • Make sure everyone involved in the process knows who does what, and how.
  • Promote consistency in when probationary periods are required and how they are managed.

What you risk by not using this document

Without clear guidelines in place, managers may make assumptions, take shortcuts, or use an approach that does not align with company philosophy. For example:

  • Managers who are new to your company may manage the probationary period just as they did in their previous company.
  • Managers may not appreciate how important this process is. As a result, they may not invest the time and effort required to effectively manage the probationary period.
  • Managers who are new to the role may not fully understand what is required of them when managing the probationary period.
  • You may open your company up to the risks associated with non-compliance of employment laws.
  • If a manager is new to the company, or to the role, HR will spend valuable time explaining the steps involved in the process. Perhaps multiple times.[

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Manager Guide - Probationary Employees

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Which HR kit is it included in?

This Process Guide for Managers is used with the Probationary Periods Kit, which is one of 4 ConnectsUs Recruiting & Hiring Kits.


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