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Process Guide for HR & Managers - New Hire Preparation

This document is a Process Guide for HR and Hiring Managers. It outlines what needs to be done to prepare for new employees - before they arrive and on their first day.  Also refer to New Hire Checklist for Administrators

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This process guide for HR & managers is used to prepare for new employees and is so much more than a simple checklist. It's used to tie together the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of bringing a new employee into your company, before they arrive and on their first day. It tells staff in each preparation role what’s expected of them, what to do when, how to do it, and what tools to use.  It eliminates duplication, ambiguity and makes them accountable, and eliminates the excuse, “I didn’t know I was supposed to do that.” 

The guide for preparing for new employees includes the following content: 


About this process

Supporting documents

Prepare for New Hire – HR

Step 1.     Remove job posting

Step 2.     Set up employee files

Step 3.     Communicate administrative preparation tasks

Step 4.     Prepare for probationary period

Step 5.     Prepare for Orientation meeting

Prepare for New Hire – Manager

Step 1.     Confirm logistical needs

Step 2.     Announce new hire to Company

Step 3.     Prepare for first day

Step 4.     Prepare for probationary period

First Day – HR

Step 1.     Meet with new hire

Step 2.     Process paperwork

First Day – Manager

Step 1.     Welcome new hire

Step 2.     Set expectations for working together

Step 3.     Assign work

Step 4.     Identify skill gaps

Step 5.     Touch base

Why use it

  • To ensure new hires have a consistent, positive experience on their first day at your company.
  • To ensure managers understand what they are responsible for when preparing for a new hire's first day.

What you risk by not using this document

  • Staff can make assumptions and miss important steps.
  • Your company is exposed to risks associated with non-compliance to employment legislation.

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Guide for HR & Managers - Prepare for New Employees

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Which HR kit is it included in?

This Process Guide for HR & Managers is used with the Orientation & Onboarding Kit.


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