A Script to Request a Reference Check and Get Consent

A Script to Request a Reference Check and Get Consent

How to get written consent from candidates and obtain Reference details.

Reference Check Request & Consent Script

This Reference Check Request & Consent Script is a template for an email script used to obtain reference provider names and written consent from candidates to conduct reference checks. 

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Reference checking is an exciting stage for both the candidate and the company. It signifies a step closer to finding the ideal candidate for the open position. There is this secret wish to blaze through this stage and make an employment offer. But hold your horses!

Confidential and personal information such as job performance and salary are collected when conducting a reference check. Therefore, it pays to be extra careful and proceed with caution. Use the Reference Check Request & Consent Script template to protect your company from legal liability arising from allegation of unauthorised collection of personal information.  This article makes a compelling case why reference check consent makes good business sense.

The Reference Check Request & Consent template comes with a pre-written script that you can easily cut and paste into the body of an email and sent to the prospective candidate. It also contains clear instructions to the prospective candidate on actions to take to give you written consent to contact references provided. Very few customisation to the script is required. The only required skill is the ability to cut and paste to a word doc. Seriously! It's that easy! 

Now that you have received the consent, it's time to focus on collecting information that will help in making a hiring decision. Need a little help here? Check out our Checking References & Hiring Kit.

How is the Reference Check Request & Consent Script used?

Before conducting a reference check, use this template to obtain reference provider names and written consent from candidates to conduct reference checks.

Why use a Reference Check Request & Consent Script?

  • Reference checks cannot be conducted without written consent from the candidate.
  • Reference check providers are much more likely to be forthcoming if they know that the candidate has provided written consent.

What you risk by not using Reference Check Request & Consent Script?

  • Reference check providers may not provide a reference check when you call.
  • You incur legal risk to your company by not having prior written consent.
  • Your company comes across as unprofessional to candidates and their former employers.



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Reference Check Request & Consent Script

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