Job Ad Template for Senior Position

Job Ad template for Senior Positions

Because not all job postings
have the same requirements

Job Posting - Senior Position

This Job Ad Template is used when you need to create a job posting for a senior-level position. 

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A posting for a senior-level position will typically use a different format than a posting used for non-senior positions, with an emphasis on results and performance.

This job posting template can be used to advertise all positions at Director level and above.  It is used by a Hiring Manager, a Hiring Manager's delegate, or HR, to advertise an open position.

Looking for a position at Director level or above means that you’re not just looking for someone that’s a “team player” or has great time management skills. This is a position that has great high levels of responsibility and even higher levels of decision-making authority.

You don’t want to mess up this hire. A senior position is expected to help grow junior positions and must be ready and reliable to mentor junior people. These are reasons why the standard job ad template must differentiate from the job ad template for a senior position.

ConnectsUs provides 3 flavors of job posting templates:

Why use a Job Ad Template for a senior position

  • Senior leadership positions require more strategic focus and different skills and experience than management or worker-level positions.  The job posting should be tailored to reflect a different set of requirements
  • Signals to applicants that this position is different from the others advertised, and comes with a different set of expectations
  • Provides template wording and structure so hiring managers and HR don't have to start with a blank page 
  • Ensures senior-level postings stay true to your company brand

What you risk by not using a Job Ad Template

  • By not structuring the job posting for a senior-level position to look and feel different from lower-level positions, you increase the risk of it being perceived as a lower-level position than it is.  May result in having to wade through more unqualified applications than necessary.

Tips for using your Job Ad Template

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