performance improvement plan form

Performance Improvement Plan Form

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Performance Improvement Plan Form

The Performance Improvement Plan Form is a form template that helps managers to document and track an employee’s performance improvement plan.

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When an employee’s performance does not meet expectations, we believe they deserve clear communication and an opportunity to turn the situation around. 

Once this Performance Improvement Plan Form has been modified for your company, it will be used by HR and Managers with direct reports to communicate expectations, document an action plan, and track progress helps facilitate what is likely to be a difficult conversation between a manager and employee.  By putting expectations in writing and measuring progress against observable goals, the conversation focuses on clear, objective outcomes versus vague feelings and emotions.

Why use it

  • To ensure that problems with performance challenges are addressed and not ignored
  • To document expectations and a clear plan for both the employee and manager
  • To provide as evidence to support a decision to terminate employment, should that become necessary.

What you risk by not using it

  • Employees not meeting expectations don't know that they aren't
  • Miscommunication between manager and employee – the manager thinks she's communicated expectations clearly but the employee hasn't picked up on her 'hints'
  • A decision to terminate employment has no evidence to support it should the action be challenged in court
  • High severance costs to terminate a chronically under-performing employee

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Performance Improvement Plan Form  |  Accompanying Instructions for Managers  

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Which HR kit is it included in?

The Performance Improvement Plan Form can be used on its own as a stand-alone tool, or as part of the Performance Improvement Plans Kit for Managers, which is one of 4 ConnectsUs Recruiting & Hiring Kits.


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