Download a free Approval to Hire Form

Download a free Approval to Hire Form

Kick-start the Hiring Process

Approval to Hire Form

The Approval to Hire form is an editable form that summarizes the details of a budgeted or replacement position that requires final approval before the search begins.

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What is it?

The Approval to Hire Form is used by managers to kick-start the hiring process and for:

  • Obtaining final approval for an open position to provide the green light for the search to begin
  • Ensuring that the landscape has not changed since the position was first approved – for example during last year’s budgeting process
  • Ensuring that alternatives and/or improvements to the position have been considered if the position was held by an incumbent leaving the Company
  • Ensuring that compensation and additional anticipated recruiting costs for the position remain in line with what was budgeted
  • Justifying Additional Headcount
  •  Providing HR with recruiting and advertising information 

Why use an Approval to Hire Form?

Using an Approval to Hire Form and implementing a common form and process in your company to support and request approval to open a new position is strongly recommended.  Here's why: 

  • Even if an open position was included in the budget or is a replacement for someone who is leaving your company, the form ensures that a manager re-evaluates the position just prior to beginning the recruitment process. Your industry and requirements change quickly and often. It makes good business sense to ask your hiring managers to reconsider the need of the position and/or its requirements just prior to beginning the search.  If the requirement for the position is re-confirmed, there is also an opportunity to change the job to increase the value and contribution of the position to the business
  • When the Approval to Hire Form is used, it encourages a manager to put their business hat on when it comes to making decisions about your business' most costly expense - and not just take the path of least resistance and run with the status quo.   

What you risk by not using it?

If you don't use an Approval to Hire Form:

  • New positions that were budgeted for last year or existing positions where the current incumbent is leaving your company are both scenarios where the job requirements were created some time ago.  By not reconfirming the requirements of the position, you may not be taking into account the current realities of the job market, your industry, department or your company.  
  • You may miss out on the opportunity to enhance the value of the position. 
  • You may waste time on recruiting and hiring for a position you don't really need if the Approval to Hire Form isn't used.
  • You may be bringing on a full time regular employee when the true requirement may have morphed into a part time or temporary position. 
  • You may end up taking on unnecessary or overly expensive hiring commitments.

Can I preview it?

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Which HR kit is it included in?

The Approval to Hire Form can be used on its own as a stand-alone tool, or as part of the Opening a New Position Kit for Managers, which is one of 4 ConnectsUs Hiring Process Kits.


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