Annual Performance Review Form Template

Annual Performance Review Form Template

Ensure you Employee's Performance is Proactively and Consistently Managed

Annual Performance Review Form

This Annual Performance Review Form is a form template for use conducting formal annual performance reviews.

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This template is used to ensure employee performance is proactively and consistently managed.  It also ensures employees are provided with appropriate feedback and resources to support their development. 

We believe staff should be given meaningful feedback on performance in their job that allows them to maximize job satisfaction, while satisfying the requirements of the position.  That’s why it’s the responsibility of managers to support the career path goals of their employees, while supporting the overall goals of the company.  

The annual performance reviews process allows you to regularly evaluate general performance and measure progress toward specific goals.  It acknowledges your employees work, addresses areas that need improvement, and identifies professional development and training opportunities that will further support growth and add value to your employees position.

While an annual performance review ensures a formal dialogue between manager and employee at least once a year, managers are encouraged to provide ongoing, real-time feedback year round.

Why use it

  • To ensure employee performance is proactively and consistently managed.
  • To ensure employees are provided with appropriate feedback and resources to support their development.
  • To ensure employees understand the expectations and success traits required for their positions.
  • To set individual and departmental goals for the next review period.

What you risk by not using it

  • Staff and managers become out of sync on what's expected from the individual in the position.
  • Performance feedback is not given in a consistent manner.
  • You have no documented rationale on which to reward performance or request improvement.

HR Tips for Small Business

If your company has a merit-based, results-oriented culture, you may want to consider the following: 

  • If formal performance reviews are not in place in your company, you will need to decide how success is to be defined and rewarded.
  • This form provides you with the basics to drive a conversation between employees and managers and at minimum reinforce what works and review what doesn’t work. Small business tends to avoid performance reviews because they believe that they are too complex and time consuming, and that the time can be better spent focusing on the business. However, providing minimum levels of employee feedback IS focusing on the business, since your human resources are what drive your business.

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Annual Performance Review Form  |  Accompanying Instructions for Managers

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The Annual Performance Review Form can be used on its own as a stand-alone tool, or as part of the Performance Reviews Kit for Managers, which is one of 4 ConnectsUs Recruiting & Hiring Kits.


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