Job Ad Template

Job Ad Template

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Job Posting - Standard

This Job Ad Template is used when you need to create a job posting for a position below director level.

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This job ad template is used by a Hiring Manager, a Hiring Manager's delegate, or HR to advertise all positions below Director level. 

A job ad template is used to post jobs and help standardize them across a business. Rather than just listing qualifications and requirements, a good job ad template will list things that attract great candidates. 

Job ads are also called job postings, job announcements, or wanted ads. 

ConnectsUs provides 3 flavors of job posting templates:

Why use a Job Ad Template

If hiring managers and their delegates create job ads using a consistent, approved template, it ensures your job postings are:

  • Compliant with employment legislation
  • Not discriminatory
  • True to your company brand
  • Aligned with other information on your website career pages and previous job postings
  • Properly structured and/or formatted, and easy to read

What you risk by not using a Job Ad Template

If you don't use a standard job ad template, you may risk:

  • Producing a non-compliant or discriminatory job adthat  could open your company up to litigation
  • Misrepresentation of the open position or benefits
  • Producing a mediocre job posting, which will attract mediocre people
  • Compromising your brand as an employer

What a Job Ad is Not

A job ad is not a job description. Many people confuse job postings with job descriptions. However, A job description is an internal document that is used to clearly and formally articulates the responsibilities and expectations of each unique position. It's an important tool for HR processes. In comparison, A job posting is meant to sell candidates on your company, team, location, and all the things that make working for you so great. 

Tips for using your job ad template

  1. How to write a good company descriptor for my job ad
  2. How to write a good position description in a job ad
  3. Other tips tips for writing a job ad

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