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HR Coordinator

Download the pre-written, detailed and completed HR Coordinator job description example for free to ensure that your job description is professionally documented. The HR Coordinator acts as a bridge between employees and the HR Manager, being responsible for facilitating daily HR functions by assisting HR managers with administration support, payroll processes, employee records and recruitment.

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The free download of the HR Coordinator job description example outlines the profile of the HR Coordinator position.

The HR Coordinator must be personable and approachable as they are often the first person the employee contacts when they have an inquiry for the HR department. This person must have a broad knowledge of human resources to assist management in end-to-end running of HR operations.

This position assists HR managers with administrative tasks including recruiting efforts, checking applicant references, arranging interviews for potential employees, maintaining employee records, and assisting with payroll processes.

It’s essential that the HR Coordinator has excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills to act as the bridge between the HR Generalist and employees and assist in managing conflict. The ideal candidate maintains composure when provoked, under intense pressure, or faced with multiple priorities. They restrain emotional impulses and always respond calmly.

The ability to multi-task with strong time management and organizational skills is necessary for this position as they help organize, coordinate, and implement all HR processes and procedures for the company.

HR Coordinator Responsibilities

Here are a few responsibilities key to HR Coordinator position. For a full list, download the free pre-written HR Coordinator job description template. 

  • Writes and submits reports on general HR activity.
  • Assists with managing the recruitment and interview process.
  • Schedules meetings and maintains agendas for HR events.
  • Participates in the health and safety committee.
  • Administers employee benefits plans.
  • Assists with performance review and termination process.
  • Performs orientations and updates records of new employees.

HR Coordinator Skills

Here are a few required skills key to the HR Coordinator position. For a full list, download the free pre-written HR Coordinator job description template.  

  • MS Office suite
  • HR processes & best practices
  • General knowledge of all areas of HR including orientation, hiring, compensation, performance management, and employee relations
  • HRIS and report writing skills
  • HR Administration

Alternative HR Coordinator Job Titles

The HR Coordinator is also known as HR Assistant, HR Specialist, HR Administrative Assistant, HR Associate, Assistant Personnel Officer, Employment Supervisor, Labour Force Consultant, Personnel Administrator, Personnel Adviser, Personnel Management Adviser, Personnel Officer, Staffing Adviser, Staffing Analyst, or Staffing Coordinator.  



HR Coordinator Job Description Components

This HR Coordinator job description includes the following components: 

Position Details

Provides fields to be completed including reporting structure, job classification, benefits eligibility, overtime exemption status, direct reports, eligibility for bonus, work location, internal and external relationships, supervision required, decision-making authority, travel required.  

Position Requirements

Provides fields to be completed including position overview, responsibilities and accountabilities, job-related technical skills, experience, education, training, position success traits, as well as additional comments for position. 

Position Overview

A short, clear and accurate summary of the job position objective that includes the general responsibilities, goals, relationships with customers, staff, executives and results expected of incumbent employees. 


A comprehensive list of categorized key responsibilities, each indicating the percentage of time a high-level responsibility will take, along with the key tasks associated with each responsibility. 

Job-Related Technical Skills

A concise list of job-related technical/hard skills that include the specific knowledge and abilities required for success in the job. The necessity for proficiency, experience or familiarity of each task is specified. 


Provides a clear and specific list of experience, degrees, diplomas, certificiations, training, or disgnation required and preferred for the position. 

Positions Success Traits

Provides a concise list of personality traits, competencies, or soft skills that lead to success in the position and career development. 

Other Factors

Provides a field to insert additional information that is necessary and specific for the job description. 

How is the HR Coordinator job description used?

Once completed, the HR Coordinator job description is used in the following ways: 

  • to create a document that outlines responsibilities
  • Job Evaluation
  • Job posting
  • Interview questions
  • included in the job offer contract
  • Management of the probationary period
  • Performance Reviews
  • Performance Improvement Plans
  • Benchmarking for Salary Surveys

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