BC Employee Handbook Template you know, the one you need
but never have time to build?

BC Employee Handbook Template Updated for COVID-19

Get the BC Employee Handbook or Employee Manual template that you'll actually launch - and your staff will actually read.

Our most popular ready-to-assemble kit is the BC Employee Handbook Kit and templates - most recently updated with COVID-19 related policies. 

2 Premium BC Employee Handbook Templates

Flexible Microsoft Word® employee handbook or employee manual documents made specifically for BC with pre-written policies, procedures, & best practices.  

You get both templates - choose the one that's right for you!

1.  BC Employee Handbook Template

Create your basic policies for BC with up to 50 essential BC policies / topics with this BC Employee Handbook template.
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2.  BC Employee Manual Template

Create a complete orientation program with a menu of 150 policies / topics with this BC Employee Manual template. 
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You can spend thousands of dollars — and hours — creating an employee handbook or HR policy and procedures manual that collects 'dust' on your shelves.  Or, you can create one that's easy-to-use, full of relevant content written in every-day plain English. 

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"ConnectsUs nailed it! 

This tool is so intuitive to use and saves me a ton of time.   
High ROI. No brainer!"

Zakeana Reid, CHRP  |  HR  |  Hummingbird


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