Probation Period Extension

Probation Extension Letter Template

Template for Managers to advise Employees when probationary period will be extended

Probation Extension Letter

The Probation Review Extension Letter is a letter script that will be used by your Managers and HR staff to formally advise employees that their probationary period has been extended due to performance not meeting expectations. 

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This Probation Review Extension Letter template is a letter template used to provide employees with written confirmation of an extension to their probationary period. It is used when the employee’s performance has not met expectations, but there is reason to believe it will do so if the employee is allowed additional time.

The letter also:

  • Reinforces what has been done well.
  • Outlines the steps the employee must take to successfully complete their probationary period
  • Sets goals to be completed by the revised probationary period end date
  • Identifies the support available to the employee to help them meet expectations and achieve their goals

This letter template can be used for new hires or existing employees transferred or promoted into a new position.

Why use the Probation Extension Letter

  • To formally confirm and record an extension of an employee’s probationary period.
  • To provide feedback, and set goals for the upcoming period.

What you risk by not using the Probation Extension Letter

  • It’s likely that each of your Managers will communicate the extension of a probationary period differently. Some may do so verbally, others may choose a more formal written approach, but the content of the communication will be inconsistent. When managing performance and setting goals and expectations for future performance, it is highly recommended that a standard and consistent approach is used across the company.

HR Tips for Small Business

Reasons for extending the probationary period may include: 

  • Lack of training support: Recognition that the employee, through no fault of their own, requires additional training and coaching before you can fairly evaluate their performance. 
  • Lack of role clarity: The employee has come into a position from which the previous incumbent left abruptly, and where no documentation or training has been provided to help the new employee clearly understand their new position.
  • Restructuring: The company restructures shortly after the new hire joins. This may present challenges with evaluation of performance, such that it is difficult to differentiate between an internal transition issue and a performance issue.  
  • Illness or absence: You or the employee became ill during the probationary period. This may have prevented the employee from acquiring enough time to perform the job satisfactorily, and/or limited the opportunities for them to demonstrate their abilities or be properly assessed.

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