Alberta Employee Handbook<br>with Bill 17 updates
Alberta Employee Handbook
with Bill 17 updates
The one you need
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Alberta Employee Handbook Template - Updated with Bill 17 Compliance

Our most popular ready-to-assemble kit is the Employee Handbook Kit that features the Alberta Employee Handbook and Manual templates now updated with  Bill 17 - Alberta's Fair & Family-Friendly Workplaces Act.

Comes with 2 Microsoft Word® templates to create 
a basic employee handbook or comprehensive orientation manual.  

What is Alberta's Bill 17?

Following input from stakeholders and nearly 5,000 online survey responses, a series of changes to the Alberta Employment Standards Code known as Bill 17 or Alberta's Fair & Family-Friendly Workplaces Act have been passed to support family-friendly workplaces, modernize decades-old legislation, and align the minimum employment standards with the rest of Canada.  Changes are available here

Employee Handbook Template Changes as a result of Alberta's Bill 17

Some of the changes that affect the Alberta Employee Handbook Kit include to legislated leaves as follows: 

  • Alberta Maternity & Parental Leave - (wording adjustments)
  • Alberta Compassionate Care Leave - New!
  • Alberta Critical Illness Leave - New!
  • Alberta Long Term Illness and Injury Leave - New!
  • Alberta Bereavement Leave - New!
  • Alberta Personal and Family Responsibility Leave -New!
  • Alberta Domestic Violence Leave - New!
  • Alberta Death or Disappearance of Child Leave - New!
  • Alberta Citizenship Ceremony Leave - New!

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You can spend thousands of dollars — and hours — creating an Alberta employee handbook or HR policy and procedures manual that collects 'dust' on your company server. Or, you can create an employee handbook that's easy-to-use, full of relevant content written in every-day English. 

Take it from our Alberta customers — the ConnectsUs Alberta Employee Handbook is the employee handbook you’ll actually implement, and your staff will actually read.




"ConnectsUs nailed it! 

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