non-disclosure agreement for interviews

Non-Disclosure Agreement for Interviews

For sensitive topics during exploratory discussions

Non-Disclosure Agreement for Exploratory Discussions

Once customized for your company, this template agreement is intended to be used to protect the interests of your company in situations where company-confidential information may be shared during exploratory discussions with prospective candidates.

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In the course of doing business, proprietary information such as technology used, business challenges or upcoming projects may be shared with prospective candidates during interviews or with other businesses exploring a potential business partnership with your company. It is critical that in such a situation, external parties are asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement for Exploratory Discussion before the meeting. The signed Agreement provides a safe environment for all parties to share and receive proprietary information for decision making. Personnel from your company will have peace of mind providing the proprietary information knowing that the information will not be leaked out or used for personal gain and the external parties are aware of their obligations to protect the shared information. The Agreement sets the stage for a more fruitful meeting for all parties. 

The Non-Disclosure Agreement for Exploratory Discussion articulates clearly information that falls within the realm of proprietary and the signing party's obligations during and after the contract period. HR sends the Agreement to your company's personnel for onward forwarding to the signatories but the Agreement must be signed and returned to HR before the meeting takes place. This is to ensure that you have a legally binding contract. 

Putting in place the Agreement is the first step in ensuring a positive outcome from the meeting. It is equally important that in an employment interview, hiring managers are equipped with the interviewing know-how. Check out the Interviewing Kit here.

How is the Non-Disclosure Agreement for Exploratory Discussion used?

This template is used to clearly articulate confidentiality protocols and request confirmation that the individual understands these protocols. The individual will know what is considered confidential and what is not to insure that your company confidential information is protected.

Why use it?

Clearly articulating confidentiality protocols, and requesting confirmation that the individual understands these protocols, ensures that:

  • Individuals know what is considered confidential and what is not
  • Expectations with respect to sharing confidential information are clear
  • Takes away the interviewer's anxiety of sharing proprietary information during interviews
  • Your company-confidential information is protected

What you risk by not using it?

  • Company-confidential information is leaked externally, either intentionally or accidentally
  • You have no recourse in the event this happens

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Non-Disclosure Agreement for Exploratory Discussion  |  Accompanying Instructions for Manager

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