Ontario Employee Handbook template Bill 47 updated compliant
Ontario Employee Handbook
with Bill 47 updates
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Ontario Employee Handbook Template - Updated with Bill 47 Compliance

Our most popular ready-to-assemble kit is the Ontario Employee Handbook Kit and templates - now updated with Bill 47.

You CHOOSE! The kit includes 2 Microsoft Word® templates to create one or both:

Basic Ontario employee handbook template

employee handbook ontario sample template bill 47 january 01 2019 
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Comprehensive Ontario employee manual template

(can also be used as a comprehensive company orientation manual).  

employee manual ontario sample template bill 47 january 01 2019 
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Both templates are created especially for Ontario and each includes Bill 47 updates. 

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What is Bill 47?

Bill 47 (Making Ontario Open For Business Act, 2018) takes effect on January 01, 2019 and repeals or amends some provisions of the previous Bill 148 (Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017). Bill 47 Bill amends the Employment Standards Act, 2000.

The new unpaid leave provisions introduced through Bill 47, which include sick leave, family responsibility leave and bereavement leave, provide employees with a certain number of leave days per year. Bill 47 will impact the changes previously made to the Employment Standards Act, 2000 through Bill 148 that mostly came into effect on January 01, 2018. While there are several changes in Bill 47, some components of Bill 148 will be preserved, including the $14 minimum wage, the increase to 3 weeks of vacation after 5 years, and the majority of the new and expanded statutory leaves of absence including: Extended Parental Leave, Extended Pregnancy Leave, Expanded Critical Illness Leave, Domestic or Sexual Violence Leave. 

The following topics were changed in the ConnectsUs HR Ontario Employee Handbook effective January 01, 2019. 

  • Personal Emergency Leave  
  • Sick Leave 
    New Legislated Leave Added
  • Family Responsibility Leave
    New Legislated Leave Added
  • Bereavement Leave 
    New Legislated Leave Added

What's included in the Employee Handbook Kit for Ontario?

Ontario Employee Handbook or Orientation Manual Templates

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Preview Ontario Employee Handbook Policies

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You can spend thousands of dollars — and hours — creating an Ontario employee handbook or HR policy and procedures manual that collects 'dust' on your company server. Or, you can create an employee handbook that's easy-to-use, full of relevant content written in every-day English. 

Take it from our Ontario customers — the ConnectsUs Ontario Employee Handbook is the employee handbook you’ll actually implement, and your staff will actually read.




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