Detailed Step-by-Step of Who does What for Performance Reviews.

Give your Managers a clear Path to follow in the Review Process

Process Guide for Managers - Performance Reviews

This document outlines a step-by-step process for the performance review process, tells managers who's responsible for each step, and provides point-and-click access to other documents used in the process.

Can I preview & download this HR template?

You bet.  To preview, just click on the blue file names below

Process Guide for Managers - Performance Reviews

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How is the Process Guide used?

This template is used to outline the step-by-step process for conducting annual and interim performance reviews.  It provides point-and-click access to the documents needed for each step, along with instructions and examples.  It also provides additional information for managers on completing the Annual Performance Review Form. 

Which HR kit is it included in?

This Process Guide for Managers is used with the Performance Reviews Kit, which is one of 4 ConnectsUs Recruiting & Hiring Kits..


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