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Offer Form Ensures that all information about a candidate and position is consistently collected, summarized, and approved so that HR has the information they need to process an employment offer and agreement. 
Keywords: approve hire, approval to hire

Employment Agreement

Specifies the terms and conditions of the relationship between your company and an employee. 
Keywords: employee contract, employment contract

Independent Contractor Agreement

Specifies the terms and conditions of the relationship between  your company and a contractor or consultant who is not an employee. 
Keywords:  contractor contract, service agreement, service contract

Averaging Agreement Contractual agreement between an employee and your company that allows you to bypass overtime rates by averaging the employee’s hours of work over a period of 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks, depending on the Province of employment. 

Hybrid & Remote Work Policy & Agreement

Robust formal agreement used to set expectations for remote employees who work outside your company's premises. 
Keywords:, hybrid work, remote worker, telecommuting, telecommute, telecommuter, remote office, work from home, working from home, telework, teleworking, teleworker

Termination letter and Release

Termination release and options for termination letters including lay-off, without prejudice, termination with cause, termination without cause, recall notice, termination after lay-off period.  A release is signed by employee to protect your company from the risk of future legal action. 
Keywords: Involuntary termination, fire, firing, letting go, let go, terminating an employee, terminate, sack, can, furlough, ax, axe, discharge, dismissal, dismiss,downsize, cut, cutback, downsizing, termination waiver

Termination Authorization Form

Calculates termination payments and all associated costs and outlines the authorization process for managers. 
Keywords: Cost of firing, cost of termination, firing costs, termination costs

Non-Disclosure Agreement for Exploratory Discussions

Protects business interests in situations where confidential information may be shared during exploratory discussions with prospective candidates. Robust language around non-disclosure policy can be found in the Staff Policies section of any employee handbook. See Policies Search
Keywords. Non disclosure

Reference Check Request & Consent Script

Email script used to obtain reference provider names and written consent from candidates to conduct reference checks.
Keywords: Reference check consent, reference checks consent, reference consent form, reference check consent form.  

Training Reimbursement Agreement

Agreement for reimbursement terms and conditions by employee embarking on a training initiative that exceeds a company-determined cost ceiling.
Keywords: reimbursement contract, reimburse training costs, reimbursing training costs, reimburse training expenses, reimbursing training expenses, employee reimbursement, repayment of training costs, repayment of training expenses

Delegate Confidentiality Agreement Script

Agreement used when a manager needs to delegate work that may require access to sensitive or confidential information.
Keywords: sensitive information, confidential information, expose sensitive information, access to sensitive information, access to confidential information. 

Front Desk Service Agreement

Includes clear protocols to be followed by front office & reception services. Used to educate staff on the protocol & service levels required for performing front desk & reception duties, and to obtain signed confirmation of their understanding.
Keywords:  front desk employee, reception protocols, setting expectations for front desk workers, setting expectations for receptionist. 


Once you've reviewed the policies included in the Employee Manual templates, we invite you to learn more about the Employee Manual Kit.  
For Small Business
For HR Consultants

Keywords:  employee handbook, employee manual, orientation manual, staff manual, HR Manual, Office Manual

Staff Policies Agreement  (Employee Manual Acknowledgement Form)

Free Downloads

Unfortunately, employee manuals are excluded from free downloads. 

Signed by staff acknowledging that they've read, understood, and will adhere to your conduct policies.  
Keywords: sign-off form, signed acknowledgment


Pre-written job descriptions, consistently structured, formatted and written, that are common to most small businesses. 

Job Description Form Template

Written statement of duties, responsibilities,  success factors and qualifications associated with a position. 
Keywords: position description, job requirements, job specification, position requirements, position specification

Accountant job description

Responsible for day-to-day operations of the Accounting department with an emphasis on financial reporting and compliance. 
Keywords: bookkeeper, book keeper, auditor, financial

Accounting Clerk job description

Responsible for clerical and administrative accounting duties. General tasks include assisting with reporting, bookkeeping, research and resolving discrepancies.
Keywords: accountant, accounting, finance, clerk 

Controller job description

Responsible for managing part or all of the Finance or Accounting department.
Keywords: Comptroller, Finance Director, Director of Finance, Accounting Manager

Office Manager job description

Organizes and coordinates office and facilities administration and procedures for day-to-day operations. 
Keywords: office supervisor, administration manager, office administration

Administrative Assistant job description

Provides administrative support to a manager or department. 
Keywords: administrator, executive assistant, secretary, PA, personal assistant, admin

Receptionist job description

Provides administrative support and responsible for reception, greeting and phone duties. 
Keywords: front office

Internal Help Desk Technician job description

Troubleshoots and resolves hardware, software and other computer systems related issues.
Keywords: IT, technical support

IT Manager job description

Responsible for researching, advising, and implementing IT initiatives. 
Keywords: Technical Manager, Technical Director, Director IT, IT Director

HR Coordinator job description

Supports HR Manager and responsible for operational and administrative HR, benefits, payroll. 
Keywords: HR Generalist, Human Resources Assistant, HR Assistant, Staffing Coordinator, Staffing Assistant, HR Administrator

HR Manager job description

Recommends, creates and administers Human Resources best practices, services, and programs. 
Keywords: Human Resources Manager, Talent Manager, Staffing Manager, HR Advisor, HR Generalist, HR Supervisor

Recruiting Manager job description

Sources, interviews and hires staff.  
Keywords: Technical Recruiter, Staffing Manager, recruitment

Health & Safety Manager job description

Functional responsibilities for OHS initiatives.
Keywords: Safety Specialist, OH&S, Safety Inspector

 Sales Representative | Account Manager  job description

Prospects and closes sales and key liaison and representative for the customer relationship. 
Keywords: Sales Associate, Account Representative, Client Manager, selling

Sales Manager | Director | VP job description

Maximizes sales results from sales team or geographic area. 
Keywords: Sales job, selling

Customer Service Representative (CSR) job description

Acts as liaison between the business and its customers or clients.
Keywords: customer complaints,  support specialist, service representative, customer service manager, customer experience manager

Technical Customer Support Specialist job description

Provides technical support to customers. 
Keywords: Technical Support Manager, Service Desk Associate, Computer Technician

Customer Service Manager job description

Provides leadership and manages Customer Service team. 

Graphic Designer job description

Creates and edits visual elements. 
Keywords:  graphics, multimedia 

Marketing Coordinator job description

Supports the marketing team.  
Keywords: Marketing Administrator, Marketing Generalist

Product Manager job description

Product expert who owns the product experience.
Keywords: product development, product roadmap, product launch, product marketing, 

Marketing Manager | Director job description

Leads and manages the Marketing department.
Keywords: Marketing Director, marketing strategy, marketing plan

CEO - Chief Executive Officer job description

Leads the organization.

COO - Chief Operating Officer job description

Responsible for company operations. 

CFO - Chief Financial Officer job description

Leads the finance department. 

CIO -  Chief Information Officer job description

Maximizes business value through technology.

CTO - Chief Technology Officer job description

Leads the departments responsible for developing technology-related products. 

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer job description

Leads the Marketing department.

Keywords: marketing strategy, marketing plan, strategic marketing

CHRO - Chief Human Resources Officer job description

Leads the HR or Human Resources department.
Keywords: People Officer, Human Capital Director, strategic HR


Process Guide for Managers - Opening & Advertising a Position

Step-by-step processes for stage 1 of the recruiting & hiring process. Tells staff  who's responsible for each step, and provides point-and-click access to other HR Toolkit documents used in the process.

Approval to Hire Form

Summarizes the details of a budgeted or replacement position that requires final approval before the search begins.
Keywords: approve new hire, authorization to hire, approving new position

Position Justification Form

Summarizes the business case that justifies adding a new position and incurring unbudgeted expenses.
Keywords: justify new headcount, justifying new headcount, justifying new position, add a new position, add new position

Position Information Checklist

Ensures alternatives have been explored and challenges the status quo and incurring additional headcount costs before opening a new position. For example, does the position need to be an employee? Full time? 

Probationary Period Review Form Template Defines a promoted or transferred employee or new hire's position’s success factors.

Job Postings:

3 versions:

  • Standard. Generic all-purpose for below director level.
  • Senior. For Director level+
  • Creative. Add some flair

Keywords: job ad, job posting, position ad, position posting

Job Openings Spreadsheet

Organizes & tracks open & closed positions.
Keywords: competition tracker, position tracker, competition spreadsheet, open position, filled position, new position

Head Hunters & Recruiting Agencies Guide

Reference guide for deciding when to use external vs. internal recruiting resources to fill a position
Keywords: staffing agency


Process Guide for Managers - Tracking Applicants

Step-by-step process for stage 2 of recruiting & hiring process.  Tells staff who's responsible for each step, provides point-&-click access to other documents used in the process.
Keywords: review resumes, CV, applications

HR Master Applicant Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet to track all applicants who apply for positions or prospects that you've identified as top talent.
Keywords: applicant tracking

Reviewing Applications Guide

Guidelines and recommended procedures for reviewing, shortlisting, or disqualifying job applicants in a consistent manner.
Keywords: resumes, screening applicants

Position Applicant Tracking Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet to help managers track, rate and shortlist candidates who have applied for a specific position.
Keywords: applicant tracking

Sourcing Prospects Guide

Guide for all staff on how to approach and cultivate professional relationships with future employee prospects.
Keywords: finding talent, finding employees


Process Guide for Staff - Interviewing

Step-by-step process for stage 3 of the recruiting and hiring process. It tells staff who's responsible for each step, and provides point-and-click access to other documents used in the process.
Keywords: interview process, interviewer, interviewee

Interviewing Guide

Interview guide for managers.
Keywords: how to interview

Interview Schedule Form

Creating schedule of interviews and list of participants.
Keywords: schedule interviews, schedule interviewee, schedule interviewer

Non-Disclosure Agreement for Exploratory Discussions

Protects the interests of your company in situations where company-confidential information may be shared during exploratory discussions with prospective candidates. 
Keywords: IP, non disclosure, company secrets

Delegate Confidentiality Agreement Script

Instructions and a script for a conduct agreement between a manager and administrative-level staff who temporarily has access to confidential or sensitive information.
Keywords: IP, non disclosure, company secrets

Phone Interview Questionnaire

Questionnaire for conducting preliminary telephone or web conference screen interviews.
Keywords: Zoom interviews, web interviews, web conferencing interviews, web conference interviews, remote interviews, applicant screen, screening applicants,  Interview form, interviewing form

Interview Questions

Comprehensive list of over 225 categorized example interview questions.

Q&A Style Panel Interview Questionnaire

Conducting in-person, question and answer (Q & A)-style interviews.
Keywords: Interview form, interviewing form

Presentation Style Panel Interview Questionnaire

Template for conducting in-person, presentation-style interviews where the applicant is asked to prepare to make a presentation.
 Keywords: Interview form, interviewing form

Brochure for Interviewed Candidates

Marketing-style brochure, typically distributed to final-stage interview candidates, that summarizes the benefits of working at your company.

External Candidate Regrets Scripts

Sending regrets to external candidates who will not be proceeding further in the interview process.
Keywords: rejected candidates, refection, rejected applicants, decline applicant, declining applicant, unsuccessful applicant, unsuccessful candidate

Internal Candidate Regrets Scripts

Sending regrets to internal candidates who will not be proceeding further in the interview process.
Keywords: rejected candidates, refection, rejected applicants, decline applicant, declining applicant, unsuccessful applicant, unsuccessful candidate


Keywords for this section: reference checks, checking references, employment verification, verifying employment, confirming employment. 

Process Guide for Staff - Checking References & Hiring

Step-by-step process for stage 4 of the recruiting and hiring process/ It tells staff who is responsible for each step, and provides point-and-click access to other documents used in the process.

Reference Checking Guide

Reference checking guide for managers.

Reference Check Request & Consent Script

Obtain reference provider names and written consent from candidates to conduct reference checks. 

Reference Check Questions

Comprehensive list of sample reference check questions.

Reference Check Form

Form for checking references consistently for each candidate. 

Recruiting & Hiring Overview Guide

Overview of the recruiting and hiring process in your company.


Keywords for this section: probation review, 

Process Guide for Managers - Probationary Period

Step-by-step process for managers & explains who's responsible for each step.

Probationary Period Review Form

Defines probation period success factors and performance expectations for new hire or transferred employee.

Probation Completion Letter

Written confirmation of successful completion of a probationary period.

Probation Extension Letter

Provides formal, written notification of extended probationary period extension.

Extended Probation Completion Letter

Provides formal, written confirmation of successful completion of a probationary period that had been extended.

Performance Management Kit
Keywords for this section: appraisal, performance evaluation, performance assessment, evaluate performance

Process Guide for Managers - Performance Reviews

Step-by-step processes for the performance review process, tells managers who's responsible for each step, and provides point-and-click access to other documents used in the process.

Annual Performance Review Form

Comprehensive form for conducting formal annual performance reviews.

Interim Performance Review Form

Condensed performance review form for reviews that occur outside the regular annual review cycle.


Process Guide for Managers - Performance Improvement Plans

Step-by-step process for the performance improvement plan process, tells staff who's responsible for each step, and provides point-and-click access to other documents used in the process.
Keywords: PIP, progressive discipline

Performance Improvement Plan Form

Form for managers to document and track the Performance Improvement Plan for a direct report.
Keywords: PIP, progressive discipline form


Keywords for this section:  fire, firing, letting go, let go, terminating an employee, terminate, sack, can, furlough, ax, axe, discharge, dismissal, dismiss,downsize, cut, cutback, downsizing,

Process Guide for Managers - Involuntary Terminations

Step-by-step process for conducting an involuntary termination, including who's responsible for each step.  It also provides point-and-click access to other documents used in the process.

Performance Management Overview Guide

Guide for managers with direct reports. Provides overview information and guidelines regarding all 4 areas of performance management.


Job Activity Log

A spreadsheet that records employee activities during a defined period. When an employee is feeling overworked, provides managers with a tool to understand where an employee is spending their time and determine whether additional headcount is required or if the employee may need to eliminate less value-added work, or requires training.
Keywords: productivity, overworked. 

List of Competencies

Guide that provides a ‘menu’ of categorized behavioral competencies and success traits. A competency is a skill or quality that an employee needs to have in order to succeed in their role.

Job Procedures Form

Form to capture and record the responsibilities and tasks in a position, as well as how to do each one. Ideal for succession planning or knowledge management.    

Job Description Form

Form for creating consistently structured job descriptions.


Contractor Rate Calculation Form

Spreadsheet used by HR or Managers for calculating a fair rate for an independent contractor or consultant. 
Keywords: what to pay a consultant, what to pay a contractor

Annual Salary Review Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet used by HR and management to annually review base salaries and determine increases or adjustments.
Keywords: annual increases, annual wage increase, annual salary increases, annual raises, payroll budget, payroll increase

Short-Term Incentive Plan

Description of the company incentive plan.
Keywords: bonus plan, bonuses, commissions

Salary or Title Change Confirmation Letter Script

Script for a letter to confirm a change in an employee’s salary or position title.

Process Guide for HR - Annual Salary Reviews

Step-by-step process for conducting annual salary reviews, tells staff who's responsible for each step, and provides point-and-click access to other documents used in the process.
Keywords: annual increases, annual wage increase, annual salary increases, annual raises, payroll budget, payroll increase

Request & Justification for Compensation Adjustment Form

Form for HR to propose and justify a compensation adjustment for an employee.

Short-Term Incentive Plan Calculation Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet used by HR for calculating short-term incentive plan/bonus plan payouts.

Staffing Costs Calculation Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet used by HR to record, calculate, and report on all staff-related costs.
Keywords: payroll budget, payroll cost

Salary Increase Decline Letter Script

Letter script for HR to deny or postpone a salary increase.
Keywords: wage increase request, salary increase request

Bonus/Incentive Plan Payment Confirmation Letter Script

Letter script for HR to notify an employee of a bonus or incentive plan payment.

Employee Total Compensation Calculation Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet used by HR to calculate the value of total compensation per employee, including base salary, paid time off, statutory remittances, benefits, and additional cash compensation. Used to provide a statement to employees periodically to understand the often misunderstood hidden employee costs incurred by the employer.  


Recognition Award Nomination Form

Form for nominating colleagues to receive annual recognition awards.

Employee Survey Questionnaire

To solicit feedback from employees about their work experience. Can be used to input into survey software. 
Keywords: climate survey, engagement survey, employee feedback

Employee Feedback Form

 Captures employee feedback and/or question. Can be implemented using survey software.
Keywords: suggestion box

Annual Social Events Plan

Template for planning and budgeting for annual company social events.
Keywords: social club, social committee.


Skills Gap Assessment Form

For assessing the immediate training needs of new hires, or existing employees transferred or promoted into new positions.

Conference or Training Report Form

For documenting participation in a conference or training activity.

Training or Conference Pre-Approval Form

For approving staff participation in accredited courses, training, conferences, or other events.

Training Reimbursement Agreement

Contractual agreement between your company and an employee embarking on a training initiative that exceeds a company-determined cost ceiling.

Course Completion and Reimbursement Form

For staff to submit their final marks for accredited courses and receive approval for reimbursement.


Relocation Assistance Guide

Reference guide for HR staff, used to outline company policy regarding relocation assistance, including eligibility for reimbursements and allowances.

Employment Confirmation Letter Script

Letter script used to confirm a staff member's employment with your company. 

Status Report Template

Provides a structured format for an employee to record their weekly activities, accomplishments, and results and can be used to track productivity - not hours worked. 

Employee Status Change Form

To record the details of, and obtain approval for, a proposed change to an employee’s status.
Keywords: employee change form, employee status form, address change

Absence & Overtime Approval Form

Used for pre-approving employee absences and overtime.
Keywords: vacation form, sick form, leave of absence, medical leave, illness form, bereavement leave form, training absence, jury duty form, 

Timesheet Master Templates

For recording employee hours and calculating payroll. Includes timesheets for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly pay periods.
Keywords: Attendance

Employee Reference Letter Scripts

Series of scripts for creating an employee reference letter.

Harassment Complaint Form

Provides a structured format for an employee to document and submit a grievance concerning inappropriate or illegal misconduct witnessed in the workplace. 

Keywords: Investigation, incident, violations, claims, bullying, sexual, discriminatory, physical, psychological 

Employee Data Spreadsheet

Example template is used to manage and report on employee data. Think of it as one-stop shopping for all your employee information.

Keywords: HRIS. H.R.I.S., HR Information system, Excel HRIS, employee database, workforce data, HRIS spreadsheet. 

New Hire Data Collection Form A form to collect information from new hires (both contractors and employees).


New Hire Preparation Guide for Administrators

Specifically created for administrators such as IT, office management and facilities staff.  Step-by-step process for bringing a new hire on board, and provides those responsible with point-and-click access to the documents needed for each step.
Keywords: new employee

Process Guide for HR & Managers - New Hire Preparation

Step-by-step process for new hire preparation, tells staff who's responsible for each step, and provides point-and-click access to other documents used in the process.

Orientation Presentation

Presentation template used for orientation of new hires.


Travel Authorization & Cash Advance Request Form

For estimating travel costs, obtaining approval prior to travel, and requesting cash advances.

Trip Report Form

Used to document and report on the outcomes of a business trip.

Expense Report Form

For submitting requests for reimbursement of work-related expenses.

Annual Budget Process Guide

Guide for managers outlining the budgeting process and guidelines.

Meeting Planner Form

For planning and documenting formal meetings.

Business Card Order Form

For requesting and authorizing an order for staff business cards.

Fax Template

Cover page used to ensure consistent use of company brand and standard formatting when sending company faxes.

Employment Application Form

Print-ready 1-page, s-sided application form that allows walk-in applicants to apply for positions in the company.


Exit Interview Form

List of exit interview questions and accompanying instructions for conducting exit interviews and soliciting feedback from employees who are leaving your company. Can we submitted into online survey software.

Staff Departure Checklist

Describes and assigns the steps to be followed when an employee leaves your company.
Terminated employee, leaving employee


Staff Profile Form

Helps colleagues learn more about each other. 

Staff & Telephone Directory

Company directory listing staff names and contact information, with a link to each staff member's personal profile.

Administrative Staff Directory

Company directory listing all company administrative assistants and areas of responsibility, including back-up.

Right to Disconnect  Policy. HR Toolkit subscribers can access the policy in the employee handbook. Trial users can find a stand alone policy here.


The following templates are not included in the HR Toolkit, but are included with the HR Consulting Kit, a comprehensive kit to set up and maintain your HR consulting practice.

The following templates are not eligible for one free download. 



Consulting Budget

Worksheet used by an HR Consultant to budget and track revenue, expenses, and cash flow.
HR Consulting Services Brochure Brochure/flyer examples used to market and summarize the services provided by an HR Consultant.

HR Consulting Services Proposal

Summary of services to be provided to a prospective client by an HR Consultant, typically presented after the initial discovery meeting.

Client Contract Agreement

Contractual agreement created specifically for an HR Consultant that establishes terms and conditions for services performed for a client.

Client Invoice

Invoice used to list and describe the services provided by an HR Consultant to a client.

Timesheets & Expenses

Workbook containing 3 spreadsheets, each representing a different type of timesheet. Used to track time and expenses associated with HR consulting services, and may or may not be presented to the client with their invoice. 

Recruiting Schedule & Estimate

Print-ready spreadsheet used by HR Consultants to outline the estimated costs and timelines associated with a particular search for a client.

Preliminary Client Questionnaire

Comprehensive questionnaire with a list of 90 questions presented to the client once the HR Consultant is hired. Provides the HR Consultant with key information about the client and their existing HR processes to help determine project requirements.

HR Audit

Spreadsheet used by the HR Consultant to assign importance categories to HR functions to define client priorities. Categories include: Critical, Important, Recommended, or Optional.

Client HR Plan

A framework and a menu of HR topics used to create an HR strategy or HR philosophy document. Used to guide and drive HR programs and take the guesswork out of creating consistent HR initiatives.

Client Priorities Spreadsheet

Workbook that includes spreadsheets HR Consultants can use to record and manage client priorities, and document the status and completion % of each task/project. May also be used to provide the client with details for each billing period.