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Enjoy the May 2024 edition of Workplace Recap.

Dazhon Darien deepfake HR takeaways

What HR can learn following Dazhon Darien’s deepfake recording of school principal Eric Eiswert’s voice to spread racist comments.

Why your Canadian Employees must sign their Employment Contract before their First Day at Work.

It's critical that your business obtains employee sign off and acceptance of their terms and conditions of employment prior to the employee's first day of work. Here's why and some tips. 

Mechalchuk v. Galaxy Motors

5 take-aways from Mechalchuk v. Galaxy Motors, where a court rules that an employer had a valid reason to fire an employee who claimed an accumulated value of $250 worth of personal meals as business expenses. 

Brittany Pietsch firing

The recent viral TikTok video of Brittany Pietsch, a former account executive at Cloudfare terminated on Zoom by 2 HR professionals has sparked outcry about HR practices.  But it's never that simple. Here's an HR perspective.