HR for Small Business

HR Toolkit for Small Business
For your first HR Department.


HR Toolkit for Small Business

ConnectsUs HR™ & COVID Toolkit for Small Business provides the tools and resources you need to fast-track or improve your HR fundamentals.

It's powered by our Resource Center - like having a friendly HR Consultant by your side. It speaks business casual and is full of no-nonsense pragmatic tools and advice.  Best of all, it's open 24/7 so you're never alone.

What you Get

  • 250 premium coordinated HR templates
    Not just a grab-bag of mediocre documents.  The Resource Center will guide you to download and save any or all of our 250 quality templates, and help you set them up in a number of different ways to create noticeably better HR. Learm more.
  • Employee Handbooks
    2 versions: Basic & Comprehensive, with step-by-step instructions, updated weekly for 5 jurisdictions.  List of topics
  • HR Kits
    Create end-to-end coordinated processes for HR topics such as Employee Handbooks, Contracts and Agreements, recruiting and hiring, performance management.
  • Pre-Assembled HR Folders
    With one click, download a zip file that contains a pre-assembled HR folder structure for  an instant HR directory.
  • COVID-19 Portal
    Templates & resources. Up-to-date in one central place.
  • Legislation Portal & updates
    In your inbox every week.
  • Support
    Powered by both our online Resource Center, and real humans and live chat!




How it Works

  1. Log into the Resource Center
  2. Pick a template to create a document. Access a help page for each template; or
  3. Pick an HR Kit to create processes around an HR topic.
  4. Access COVID-19 and legislation resources.
  5. Get notified of updates.
  6. Create noticeably better HR. Fast.



The Details

Premium HR Templates

HR Kits - Create HR Processes & Procedures

Terms of Use 


$499 CAD