Interview Schedule Form Template

Interview Schedule Form Template

Template for Creating a Schedule of Interviews and List of Participants

Interview Schedule Form

Form template for creating a schedule of interviews and list of participants.  Helps standardize and guide administrative tasks associated with interviewing.  

Can I preview & download this HR template?

You bet.  To preview, just click on the blue link below

Interview Schedule Form

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How is the Interview Schedule Form used?

This template is used to standardize the administrative tasks associated with interviewing. It provides support for the Hiring Manager and ensures that consistent information is collected and communicated to interview panel members and interview candidates.  It also creates a historical record of the interview process and can be re-used and modified when preparing schedules for similar positions instead of starting from a blank page every time. 

Which HR kit is it included in?

The Interview Schedule Form can be used on its own as a stand-alone tool, or as part of the Interviewing Kit for Managers, which is one of 4 ConnectsUs Recruiting & Hiring Kits.


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