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The inside track to HR Consulting Get more clients.
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Set up & Operate Your HR Consulting Practice

The HR Consulting Kit provides you with the tools and confidence to become a successful HR Consultant. It's a comprehensive (and we mean comprehensive) resource that gives you everything you need to set up and operate your practice. 

What you get

  • A complete HR Consulting kit created by experienced and successful consultants with over 72 years of combined experience supporting more than 55 clients in various industries and regions
  • Business and Consulting Templates for use in your practice, plus tips & instructions for using each one
  • Recommended resources, checklists, and step-by-step instructions for setting up your practice
  • Tips & advice based on the lessons we've learned

What you'll discover

  • How to make more money & get more clients
  • How to set up & improve your practice
  • What it takes to be a successful consultant
  • How to find clients & market your business
  • What e-marketing tools work best for consulting practices
  • How to get a competitive edge over other HR Consultants 
  • How much to charge & what to do if you don't get paid
  • How to create a proposal
  • How to ace your first meeting with a prospective client & negotiate your contract
  • How to prepare for your first day
  • How to work with difficult CEO's & win over staff
  • How to work with small business or unsophisticated industries 
  • How to add value for your clients
  • How to be confident, not sweat the small stuff, & not take things personally
  • How to avoid common mistakes made by consultants
  • How to avoid the politics
and so much more

You don't need to go it alone.  Get the advantage and head start by setting up your HR Consulting practice for success right from the start, regardless of your level of experience. The ConnectsUs HR Consulting Kit is your been-there-done-that HR mentor: the experienced HR Consultant who will actually share their tools, tips, and hard-won experience, jam-packed into easy-to-follow lessons written in everyday English.

Topics Covered in the Kit

This comprehensive kit for setting up your HR Consulting practice is web-based and accessed online from our Resource Center. Here's how it's structured:

Business & Consulting Templates

Set Up your HR Consulting Practice


  • Save time and money.  You'll fast-track and take the guesswork out of setting up and operating a successful practice.
  • Work less, make more money by successfully negotiating your rate and hours.
  • Instantly get the business templates you need to run your HR consulting practice. Professionally written and consistently formatted so you look like an organized and professional business. 
  • Get a significant competitive advantage over other HR Consultants you'll be competing with.  Know what other experienced HR Consultants know (or should know). Learn from been-there-done-that experienced consultants.
  • Eliminate blank page syndrome. The kit takes the guesswork out of setting up and operating your consulting practice. 
  • New to Consulting?  The kit gives you the straight goods so you're prepared for the next phase of your career and know what to expect. 
  • You're not alone.  You have 24/7 access to comprehensive resources at your fingertips.
  • Become a better consultant. The Consulting kit walks you through your client life cycle  - from day 1 to terminating your contract.

License Agreement

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What HR Consultants Say

hr consulting testimonial

"Love your Toolkit" 

Hi there.  Just a quick note to say that I love your HR toolkit and it’s been a huge asset to my consulting business.  Your support team has also been great. They’re responsive and eager to please – they’ve even provided me with templates that weren’t part of the toolkit!  Very happy that I signed up.

Vered Levant  |  VIMY HR Consulting Inc.


hr consulting testimonial

"ConnectsUs nailed it!"

...These tools saved me so much time.  My consulting practice was ready to go in a fraction of the time and cost. The tools are intuitive and easy to use.    
High ROI. No brainer!"

Zakeana Reid, CHRP  |  Hummingbird HR  |  Calgary, Alberta


hr kit customer

"Truly a Gift!"

...Just a quick note to say that your HR consulting products are truly a gift. I've been searching for this type of support with no luck. The templates and Resource Center you have created are so helpful, and provide a comprehensive menu of topics, best practices and well-written content that would have taken months to create from scratch.  I am very grateful to have found a product that helps me provide a complete service to my clients! 

A thankful customer.  Stacey Messner  | Principle Consultant




  • “...As an HR Professional, the toolkit is an indispensable resource. It includes templates I would never have thought to include for HR best practices..."

    Cyndy Ruiz | Principal HR Consultant, CRL & Associates | Seattle, WA
  • "...Easy to use and cost-effective.  ConnectsUs HR toolkits has all the tools I need for developing my HR policies and procedures, and company information."

    Matthew Eichhorst | President, Expedia CruiseShipCenters
  • “…We were constantly “reinventing” the wheel when it came to establishing even the most basic administrative policies, procedures and templates (we were constantly “borrowing” examples from our sister organizations).  Your product provides us with virtually everything we were looking for in one nice, neat customizable package.”

    Brenda Taillefer | Executive Assistant, Athabasca Watershed Council
  • "Entirely straightforward!  Our Office Administrator basically took the templates and ran with them in a few days…professionally written using common language, and demonstrates significant and immediate value."

    Kent Toy | Director, Finance & Administration, Antarctica Systems
  • "...We needed a starting point for everything from policies to manager resources and got so much more."

    Karen Buchanan | Office Manager, BCTIA (BC Technologies Industry Association)
  • “…What a great product! I cannot emphasize enough how delighted I am with it…Your work is thorough, detailed, comprehensive, thought provoking, well laid out, easy to work with, professional, and great value. Thank you and compliments on a job very well done.”

    Grant Hodgins, B.Comm | CEO, Hodgins Auctioneers Inc.