Probation Completion Letter Template

Probation Completion Letter Template

Template to advise the Successful Completion of a Probationary Period

Probation Completion Letter

This Probation Completion Letter template is a letter script that will be used by your Managers and HR staff to provide employees with formal, written confirmation of successful completion of their probationary period.

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Used together with other documents available in the Probation Period family of templates


The Probation Completion Letter template is used to provide new employees with written confirmation of successful completion of their probationary period. The letter also:

  • Reinforces what has been done well
  • Notes areas for development
  • Sets goals to be reviewed during the next formal performance review cycle

This letter template can be used for new hires or existing employees transferred or promoted into a new position.

Why use the Probation Completion Letter Script

  • To formally confirm and record successful completion of the employee’s probationary period.
  • To provide feedback, and set goals for the upcoming period.

What you risk by not using the Probation Completion Letter Script

  • It’s likely that each of your Managers will communicate the completion of the probationary period differently. Some may do so verbally, others may choose a more formal written approach, but the content of the communication will be inconsistent. When managing performance and setting goals and expectations for future performance, it is highly recommended that a standard and consistent approach is used across the company.

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Probation Completion Letter  |  Accompanying Instructions for Managers

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Which HR kit is it included in?

The Probation Completion Letter can be used on its own as a stand-alone tool, or as part of the Probationary Periods Kit for Managers, which is one of 4 ConnectsUs Recruiting & Hiring Kits.


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