Client HR Plan Template
Client HR Plan Template Drive your clients HR programs.

Client HR Plan

The Client HR Plan template provides a framework and a menu of HR topics used to create an HR strategy or HR philosophy. This downloadable Word document is used to guide and drive HR programs and take the guesswork out of creating consistent HR initiatives.

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Preview This Template
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HR Plan - also commonly referred to as a HR Strategy - is a tool to help businesses align their organizational goals with their HR capabilities. A  HR plan is all about creating alignment around your small business client’s people, processes, and operating philosophies. It’s a way to position strategic human resources management as the catalyst for amplifying broader business or organizational goals. The ability for organizations to define and achieve their objectives, therefore, becomes tied directly to the internal HR strategies enabling them to take shape.

From a more practical, hands-on perspective, however, HR strategy is a “long-term plan that dictates HR practices through an organization,” including recruiting, hiring, onboarding, performance management, learning and development, compensation, succession planning, etc.

This Client HR Plan zip download includes 2 documents available for you:

  • Client HR Plan Template: a working document that you can modify. 
  • Client HR Plan Example: a completed HR plan. It shows "example" in blue in the header. You can also use this document as your base to customize. 

Why Use the Client HR Plan Template & Example

  • Provides a standardized and consistent approach in creating a HR Plan.

  • HR Consultant uses the completed document to execute the HR Plan.

  • Some of the contents can be used for sharing with managers or all staff to clarify the HR strategy, philosophy, or policy.

Benefits of the Client HR Plan Template & Example

  • It reinforces to the client that you’re transparent by providing details for your proposal and quote.
  • It demonstrates that recruiting and hiring involves a significant number of steps.
  • You reinforce that you are ethical and provide different rates for different tasks.
  • It manages your client’s expectations so there are no surprises.
  • It provides you with a planning tool with deadlines.

Download the Client HR Plan Template & Example

Download the Client HR Plan Template & Example! These templates are included in the HR Consulting Kit, a comprehensive kit that features templates & best practices to set up & manage your HR consulting practice.

Tips for working with the Client HR Plan Template & Example

  • The HR Plan is an important piece of document as it sets the HR strategy for the accomplishment of the company's goals. Therefore, be thorough and don't rush through the process. 
  • The template is to be used as a guide and provides a good starting point. As each business is different, tweak the template as you see fit.
  • Provide the questions to the leadership team ahead of the HR Planning meeting so that they can prepare feedbacks. Let them know how you can be reached at should they need clarification on any of the items before the meeting.