HR Services Brochure
HR Services Brochure Market your HR Services. Fast.

HR Services Brochure

The HR Services Brochure documents are brochure/flyer examples used to market and summarize the services provided by you, the HR Consultant. There are two brochure options to choose from! Start designing your brochures today.

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Encourage businesses to employ your HR consulting company with these HR services brochures that can be easily customized to match your companies colour themes and design elements of your choice. Add plenty of informative text detailing the kind of HR services you offer, along with relevant images of happy employees.

Why Use the HR Services Brochure

  • It acts as a digital business card that can be easily emailed to client prospects and your network.

Benefits of the HR Services Brochure

  • It reinforces the benefits of hiring you as an HR Consultant.
  • It provides a succinct at-a-glance list of the services you offer.
  • It can be easily forwarded, hence, enhancing your target audience through referrals.
  • It can be updated easily to include additional information as you scale your business.

Download the HR Services Brochure

Download these 2 HR Services Brochure templates! These template are included in the HR Consulting Kit, a comprehensive kit that features templates & best practices to set up & manage your HR consulting practice.

Tips for customizing your HR Services Brochure

1. Gather Ideas 

Think about the ideas that you need to include in your brochure. Identify first what type of company are you serving or the services you can offer—hr consulting, hr solutions, hr training, hr outsourcing, job recruitment, or job fair.  List down the services you offered. Also, gather the resources you need with the brochure such as the paper, the pictures, etc. Think of ideas that will surely create an impact on your readers that will surely catch their attention. 

2. Add Compelling Designs

The layouts already created! But if you wish to do so, you can add some graphic designs that will surely add creativeness to your brochure. Place some pictures that will surely effective in advertising your services. It can show a visual presentation to the readers. High-quality photos and illustrations can show engagement to quality that you want your brand to display. Crop or mask your images, adjust the saturation and contrast, and image alignment. 

3. Adjust the Colours

Using colour well in your creative brochure will enhance your message visually and highlights the main points. It tied up closely to emotions, therefore, using the right colour schemes will give pleasing personality that gives your reader a better experience than one which is too loud, busy, or difficult to read.

4. Insert Texts

Add texts to your content that should contain the services you offer, description of your HR company, and contact details. Use simple and easy-to-read texts for better communication with your readers. Make your content engaging to help you grab your readers' attention. 

5. Consider Formatting

Format the content by choosing the appropriate font color, size, and style. Make sure to check the texts are readable enough for the readers to read the content. Also, make sure to check if the designs do not interfere with the texts which makes the readers harder to read. Choose the right paper size for the printable brochure.