HR Audit Spreadsheet
HR Audit Spreadsheet Give your client a snapshot of their HR function.

HR Audit

The HR Audit template is an excel spreadsheet used by the HR Consultant to assign importance categories to HR functions to define client priorities.

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An HR audit is a thorough review of the policies, procedures, documents, and systems in Human Resources. An HR audit is an opportunity to identify which practices are working for a company and which are not. Evolving is crucial and identifying a company’s weaknesses/possible pain points, enables them to better form a plan of action and implement it to improve. Usually, HR professionals will carry out the audit. However, companies often also choose to hire an external company or independent consultant to conduct a human resources evaluation.

Businesses should be constantly evolving. Unfortunately, outdated policies and procedures can stick around way too long. In order to avoid legal issues and ensure that your company complies with the labor and employment laws, it is important to perform a regular HR audit. While this may sound like a daunting task, remember that auditing is a valuable tool that will help facilitate your client's business development.

There are many advantages to carrying out an HR audit. Without a doubt, the most valued is that it provides a broad vision of the inner workings of your client's company. It is in a company’s best interest to ensure compliance with ever-changing rules that are present within the industry. For example, a human resources audit helps to encourage compliance with the labor standards act, among others.

Why Use the HR Audit spreadsheet

  • Provides a standardised approach and promotes transparency during the HR Audit process.
  • Provides an important snapshot to the client on the health of their HR function.

Benefits of the HR Audit spreadsheet

  • Lists important HR policies, procedures, systems and practices that must be examined during the audit. This avoids important tasks from falling in between the cracks.
  • Provides a clear view of the critical and important tasks that must be looked into to achieve business results and/or to meet legal compliance.

Download the HR Audit spreadsheet

Download the HR Audit spreadsheet! The template is included in the HR Consulting Kit, a comprehensive kit that features templates & best practices to set up & manage your HR consulting practice.

Tips for working with the HR Audit spreadsheet

  • Do not rush through finalising the HR Audit template. Take the time to set up the template and think through each category critically. You and your client will reap the success of a well executed HR audit.