Client Invoice
Client Invoice Be professional & consistent.

Client Invoice

The Client Invoice template is an invoice used to list and describe the services provided by an HR Consultant to a client.

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You can use invoices for your records and to inform your clients of the services provided. Your consulting invoice should include as much information as possible, be clear and unambiguous. 

The top of the invoice should include:

  • Your company logo
  • The invoice number, and the date the invoice was created.
  • The date payments are due.
  • Business information and contact information,

It should then include your client’s information. After that an overall description of the project and your consulting role.

From there, use the consulting invoice template to list a breakdown of the consulting services you provided as well as their cost. You can either provide an hourly rate or per item rate.

The bottom should include a subtotal, the taxes if applicable, any discounts or pre-payments, and the total owed by the client. 

Why Use the Client invoice template

  • To ensure you bill your clients in a consistent manner, and capture all the information required for accounting purposes.

Benefits of the Client Invoice template

  • Saves you time. You don't have to create each invoice from scratch each time you bill your clients. 
  • Providing a breakdown of services and costs keeps the client in the loop with regards to how your time - and ultimately their money - is spent.
  • It's important to provide clients with an invoice that looks professional. It's a reflection of how you conduct your business.

Download the Client Invoice template

Download the Client Invoice template! The template is included in the HR Consulting Kit, a comprehensive kit that features templates & best practices to set up & manage your HR consulting practice.

Tips for working with the Client Invoice template

  • Do not rush through creating an invoice. Double and triple check information in the invoice especially on the agreed fee (check the contract again if you must) and all mathematical calculations.  You want to avoid creating more work for yourself and for your client if a wrong payment is made. An error free billing gives your client additional confidence in the quality of your work especially on something as important as billing.
  • It doesn't matter how busy or time pressed you are, do not hand write your invoice. It doesn't convey professionalism. Projecting a professional image is very important in the consulting business. 
  • If you're sending the invoice electronically, make sure you have the correct recipient's email address to avoid sending to the wrong party. Most organisations treat fees paid to consultants as confidential, just like an employee's salary.
  • Just like you would like to be paid on time, remember to send invoices to your client promptly and as per agreed timeline. Not only does it encourage faster payment of your services, prompt invoicing also allows your client to verify information on the invoice as the work delivered is still fresh in their minds.