Recruiting Schedule & Estimate Spreadsheet
Recruiting Schedule & Estimate Spreadsheet Manage your clients expectations.

Recruiting Schedule & Estimate

This Recruiting Schedule & Estimate template is a print-ready excel spreadsheet used by HR Consultants to outline the estimated costs and timelines associated with a particular search for a client. 

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Tracking a recruiting schedule and estimate can be a pain. But it doesn't have to be! HR Consulting businesses that are just starting to recruit systematically could benefit from a guide to help them create a recruiting budget plan. 

Providing your client with a recruiting schedule and estimate reinforces that you're transparent by providing the details and steps of your proposal and quote up front. It’s important that all those involved in the hiring decision agree to the hiring process, steps, and appropriate communication channels. This spreadsheet details the steps you'll take during the recruitment process, along with the cost associated with each activity.

It's also very important to be clear about when your client will need to be involved in the recruiting process. Outline the steps and activities where your client may be needed. For example, you may need to consult your client to create the job description, determine success factors for performance management, determine position advertising venues, and post the position on your client's website.

Starting the recruitment process with an open and clear line of communication with your client is crucial to determine what kind of hire their looking for and what kind of person will be the best fit for their company.

Why Use the Recruiting Schedule & Estimate spreadsheet

  • To plan the steps related to a search for a client.

  • To include as an addendum to a search proposal for a client.

Benefits of the Recruiting Schedule & Estimate spreadsheet​

This spreadsheet outlines all processes associated with completing a search for a client and filling a position.

  • It reinforces to the client that you’re transparent by providing details for your proposal and quote.
  • It demonstrates that recruiting and hiring involves a significant number of steps.
  • You reinforce that you are ethical and provide different rates for different tasks.
  • It manages your client’s expectations so there are no surprises.
  • It provides you with a planning tool with deadlines.

Download the Recruiting Schedule & Estimate spreadsheet

Download the Recruiting Schedule & Estimate spreadsheet! The template is included in the HR Consulting Kit, a comprehensive kit that features templates & best practices to set up & manage your HR consulting practice.

Tips for working with the Recruiting Schedule & Estimate spreadsheet

  • Take the time to think through the amount of time needed to complete a task. Sometimes, "easy task" may take up more time if it requires a detailed approach. You want to aim for an estimate that's a fair reflection of your time and expertise without over billing your client. Have your sight set on creating a lasting business relationship built upon a foundation of trust and credibility.

  • When presenting the estimates to your client, be prepared for some push backs. Your client has a budget too that they must work with. Help your client understand the rationale for the numbers without sounding defensive.