hiring process
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Hiring Process

    Providing your managers with a thoroughly documented hiring process is an importing HR function supported by your HR department.  

    Having good people on the team is critical to your success.  The more care and attention you give to the hiring process, the better chance you have of making sure the right people are on the bus.  You’ll attract good people (the ones who value a well-run ship) and make better hiring decisions.  It’s as simple as that.

    Stages of the Hiring Process

    The hiring process is divided into the following four stages. 

    hiring process

    Toolkits & Free Templates to create your Hiring Process

    Here's a list of hiring process toolkits, documents and templates to help set up your hiring process.  

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    Recruiting & Hiring

    Tracking Applicants

    Tools and guides for tracking applications from receipt to screening, interviewing and candidate selection

    Hiring Process Guide for your Managers 

    Finding and hiring the right people are fundamental parts of a manager's job. But it can be challenging, especially for new managers. 

    Use this editable How to Hire Guide written in plain English for your managers that can be downloaded for free and customized.  It provides your managers with an easy-to-read overview of the hiring process and helps them understand the purpose and value of the hiring process.  It also provides an overview of 4 key hiring process topics:

    • Open & Advertise a Position
    • Track Applicants & Review Resumes
    • Interview
    • Check References

    Why implement a Hiring Process?

    Following a common approach to recruitment and hiring with a well-documented hiring process ensures:

    • Consistency – everyone goes through the same process
    • Clarity – responsibilities, accountability, and checklists are defined for each activity.  Everyone understands the role HR and the Hiring Manager play in the recruiting process.
    • Completeness – you don’t duplicate or overlook key steps.
    • Due diligence – you do your homework before opening a new position and hiring the final candidate.
    • Professionalism – you provide the right first impression of your company as an employer, and job applicants and candidates are treated appropriately.
    • Compliance – you adhere to legislated requirements and employment standards
    • Efficiency – you minimize the chances of making costly hiring mistakes.
    • Training - you avoid the common scenario where inexperienced managers won't come forward and admit they don't know anything about the hiring process.