What are some tips for writing a job ad?

  1. ConnectsUs HR’s recruiting and hiring process identifies HR as being responsible for creating and advertising job postings so that final job postings are vetted by one person in your company: Doing this:
  • Ensures consistency.
  • Increases brand recognition.
  • Ensures compliance. Making inaccurate statements in your postings is considered false advertisement and may be used by employees in the future if the employer/employee relationship turns sour.

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If your company does not have HR on board or only has access to limited HR resources, consider:​

  • Assigning managers to complete the job postings once your job posting template has been created.
  • Assigning an internal person, such as Marketing Assistant, Controller, or de-facto HR, to vet all job postings.
  • Documenting your processes to reflect that either a manager or HR staff member is responsible for postings - depending on the availability of HR resources.
  1. Encourage HR to think of a job posting as a brochure, not just a job description. For example, you wouldn’t simply post the technical specifications of a product you were selling. You would put some effort into creating a value proposition, highlighting the features and benefits, and communicating your differentiator – i.e., ‘marketing the product’. The same principles apply to job postings. You are selling your open position and your company as a compelling place to work for high-performing individuals.
  2. Ask your network or the current position holder (if applicable) where they would look for the type of position you are looking to fill.

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