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Ready-to-assemble performance review examples to easily create your employee evaluation process

Performance Review Examples

This page provides a menu of editable performance review examples.  

Providing your managers and staff with a thoroughly documented employee evaluation process is an important HR function supported by your department of Human Resources.  Managers bring their own experience (or lack of it) to their jobs, and interpret their role and responsibility in employee evaluation based on that experience.  Without a common guide and clearly communicated expectations, you will not have consistent practices or results.

Stages of Employee Evaluation

Employee evaluation is divided into four stages. 

performance review examples stages

Performance Review Examples & templates

Here's a list of performance review examples, toolkits & templates to help you set up employee evaluation.  

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Probationary Period

Performance Reviews

Performance Improvement Plans

Involuntary Termination

Process Guide for Managers - Probationary Periods Process Guide for Managers - Performance Reviews Process Guide for Managers - Performance Improvement Plans Process Guide for Managers - Involuntary Terminations
Probationary Period Review Form List of Competencies Job Description Form Staff Departure Checklist
Probation Completion Letter Job Procedures Form Job Activity Log Performance Management Overview Guide
Probation Extension Letter Job Description Form Performance Improvement Plan Form  
Extended Probation Completion Letter

Annual Performance Review Form

  Interim Performance Review Form    
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Period ToolKit
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Reviews ToolKit
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Improvement ToolKit
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Termination ToolKit

Performance Review Example guide for your managers 

Employee evaluation and coaching the team is a fundamental part of a manager's job. But it can be challenging, especially for new managers. 

Use this editable Performance Review Example guide written in plain English for your managers that can be downloaded for free and customized.  It provides your managers with an easy-to-read overview of employee evaluation and helps them understand the purpose and value of employee evaluation, and provides an overview of 4 key employee evaluation topics:

  • Probationary periods
  • Annual performance reviews
  • Performance improvement plans
  • Involuntary terminations

Why Employee Evaluation is important

A focus on employee evaluation is critical because it:

  • Enhances morale and output. When managers take time to talk to employees about what they do well and how they can improve, employees feel recognized and are more inclined to be engaged in the work.
  • Ensures poor performance is addressed early, and in so doing, avoids the inevitable drop in morale that happens when poor performance is allowed to continue.
  • Measures individual contributions, ensures accountability, rewards high performers, and facilitates consistent performance standards.
  • Provides employees with growth opportunities to build skills, knowledge, and working relationships.
  • Reinforces and clarifies company expectations.
  • Strengthens retention rates.
  • Helps your business succeed and achieve better business results.

Bottom line – your small business can’t afford not to ensure that the most expense and resourceful asset in your company is engaged and functioning well.  If one of your systems, tools or processes isn’t working well, you invest the time and money to diagnose and repair it.  Why wouldn’t you do the same with your people?