Job Descriptions Common to Every Small Business
Job Description Templates Common to Every Small Business because even small business needs structure.

Job Descriptions Common to Every Small Business

The Job Description Templates Kit is our newest and most requested HR kit and is one of 22 HR Kits included in the 
ConnectsUs HR™ Toolkit for Small Business and HR Consultants.


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Create noticeably better
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Creating sound job descriptions for every position in your company is a core HR fundamental. It's a lot of work and that's why you're going to love the Job Description Examples Kit. We looked back over our decades of experience—both in management and HR—and used that 20/20 hindsight to assemble the job description templates for positions common to most small businesses - that we wish we'd had.

When we first started creating this Job Descriptions Kit, we searched for job description templates for positions common to every small business. We didn’t find a lot, and what we did find was too chaotic for small business. You’re not IBM and you don’t need complicated HR. You need to start with the basics. And that’s exactly what this kit is.

The Job Description Kit is simple and precise and includes only the 30 pre-written job descriptions you need for your small business. They're thorough and include a menu of items that you can delete because we wanted to make sure you had access to all possibilities for each job description.

Why Are Job Descriptions a Must Have?

Having a standard format job description for every position is a critical HR fundamental. A job description template helps you determine how critical a job is, and how it relates to other jobs, and is a primary tool for setting performance expectations and evaluating individual performance against them. 

A completed job description form clearly and formally articulates the responsibilities and expectations of each unique position. It's an important tool to inform the following HR processes:

  • Justification for opening a new position: Ensures a well-thought through description of a new position.
  • Job postingsProvides a succinct description of the position responsibilities for recruiting, and is particularly important when an employee leaves suddenly and there's no opportunity for overlap between the previous and new incumbents. 
  • Interview questionsWhen the position requirements are clear, it's much easier to create targeted interview questions. 
  • Job offers: When a job description outlining technical and behavioral expectations is included as part of the job offer, it provides clear and unbiased criteria for the probationary period.
  • Performance reviews: A well-written job description provides most of the measurement criteria for a performance review.
  • Job evaluationThe position title is not always a good indicator of the job level. What may be considered a ‘Director’ role in one company may be a ‘Manager’ or ‘VP’ in another. When evaluating an employee’s salary and comparing the position to internal and/or external salaries, a job description provides information to properly benchmark the position. 
  • New Manager: When an employee gets a new manager, the manager is able to understand the current expectations of the direct report’s position.

Further benefits of having a job description form completed for every position in your company:

  • Ensures the company and employee share a common understanding of position requirements and expectations. People like to know what's expected of them and how they'll be evaluated.  
  • A completed job description template can be used to defend termination of a low-performing employee.
  • Provides bona fide criteria to defend against claims of discrimination or mistreatment by employees who have received a poor performance review.

What Job Description Templates are included in this Kit?

The following list of pre-written job description templates are included in the Job Descriptions Templates Kit and represent standard or common job descriptions used in most companies. 

Template Description

Finance & Accounting 

Accountant job description

The Accountant is responsible for providing the company’s financial information to management by researching and analyzing accounting data and preparing reports, while being careful to comply with financial policies and regulations.

Accounting Clerk job description

The Accounting Clerk is responsible for ensuring accuracy of financial records through clerical and administrative duties. General tasks include assisting with reporting, bookkeeping, research and resolving discrepancies.

Controller job description The Controller oversees the Accounting Department’s day-to-day operations, maximizing returns on financial assets by establishing policies and procedures that are designed to mitigate risk, enhance accuracy of reported financial results, and ensure compliance with accounting principles.


Office Manager job description

The Office Manager organizes and coordinates office administration and procedures to ensure that day-to-day operations run smoothly, maintaining office systems and managing staff to ensure safety, efficiency, and organizational effectiveness throughout the office.

Administrative Assistant job description

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for general office administration to ensure efficient and smooth day-to-day operation of the office by providing administrative support to various office staff.

Receptionist job description

The Receptionist is responsible for providing administrative support to various stakeholders. Being the first point of contact for any person contacting the company, it establishes first impressions and is the hub and glue of the business since they touch so many departments and have regular contact with all staff members.


Internal Help Desk Technician job description

The Internal Help Desk Technician is a customer service position that resolves in-office issues related to hardware, software and other computer systems. This tech-savvy employee performs remote and in-office troubleshooting as well as regular maintenance to diagnose, resolve and maintain any IT related issues for employees.

IT Manager job description

The IT Manager advises the company on IT solutions that will promote the highest level of growth and efficiency. This position serves as a translator between technical teams and senior management, managing staff, and researching and implementing technological strategic solutions.


HR Coordinator job description The HR Coordinator acts as a bridge between employees and the HR Generalist, being responsible for facilitating daily HR functions by assisting HR managers with administration support, payroll processes, employee records and recruitment.
HR Manager job description

The HR Manager is responsible for recommending, creating, and administering Human Resources best practices, services, and programs that align with the company’s values, strategic and annual business plan priorities, mission, and departmental mandates.

Recruiting Manager job description

The Recruiting Manager works closely with hiring managers to manage sourcing, interviewing and the overall hiring process to ensure that qualified employees, contractors and consultants are hired to meet the company’s current and future workforce requirements. 

Health & Safety Manager job description The Health & Safety Manager has functional responsibility for health and safety across the entire organization and works with all staff to ensure that strong health and safety focus, training and reporting are in place.
 Sales Representative | Account Manager  job description

The Sales Representative uses sales expertise to sell the company’s product online, over the phone or in person to find out what their customers want and suggests products or services that will address their needs. 


The Account Manager acts as the point of contact for their clients, being responsible for building and maintaining strong, long-lasting relationships with clients on behalf of the company and providing them with products that best fit their individual needs.

Sales Manager | Director | VP job description

The Sales Manager focuses on maximizing sales team potential and developing new sales strategies to keep the company competitive and innovative, leading sales efforts by managing recruitment, objectives, coaching and performance monitoring of Sales Representatives.


The Regional/District Sales Manager leads the sales team in a geographic region, responsible for developing and implementing a strategic sales strategy that generates growth and profitability for the business. 

Customer Service
Customer Service Representative (CSR) job description

The Customer Service Representative acts as a liaison between the business and its customers, providing customers with information to address inquiries regarding company products and services, while also resolving customer complaints, errors, and cancelations.

Technical Customer Support Specialist job description The Technical Customer Support Specialist provides technical support to the company’s customers who need assistance with technical, hardware, and software system issues, providing excellent customer experience to clients with immediate and precise support on all technical issues.
Customer Service Manager job description

The Customer Service Manager is accountable for providing department-level management and leadership to the Customer Services team. The position works closely with other departments, training institutions, industry groups, and employers to ensure the company fulfils its customer service mandate.

Graphic Designer job description

The Graphic Designer crafts and edits visual pieces to convey information and communicate the company’s ideas in a more attractive way, acting as a visual storyteller who, with an understanding of branding and marketing, is responsible for engaging, informing, and inspiring the company’s audience.

Marketing Coordinator job description

The Marketing Coordinator drafts reports, tracks results, coordinates content, builds relationships with sales teams, and supports all marketing strategies. Acting as the marketing manager’s right hand, a marketing coordinator helps implement marketing, advertising and branding plans. 

Product Manager job description

The Product Manager is the product expert, in charge of creating the road map that guides the product from ideation through development to launch, bridging the gap among all departments involved in production, including R&D, engineering, manufacturing, marketing and customer support.

Marketing Manager | Director job description

The Marketing Manager is responsible for the marketing department, managing an internal team of writers, designers, and product managers to identify what consumers want, and deliver solutions to help the company promote their products. This job description also includes a menu of components that applicable to the following positions:

  • Marketing Director
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Communications Manager  
CEO - Chief Executive Officer job description

The CEO has overall responsibility for creating, planning, executing, and integrating the strategic direction of an organization. The CEO is in charge of major corporate decisions, managing the company’s resources, operations, and management team, providing strategic direction as well as creating a vision for success.

COO - Chief Operating Officer job description The COO is responsible for the efficiency of the business, overseeing the company’s ongoing operations and procedures, designing and implementing diverse business operations and establishing policies that promote the company’s vision.
CFO - Chief Financial Officer job description

The CFO is responsible for analyzing, strategizing, and growing the company’s financial position, providing critical financial strategies and performance management to guide the financial systems that empower the company.

CIO -  Chief Information Officer job description The CIO's goal is to create maximum business value through technology, lead planning of business growth objectives, and ensure tech systems and procedures lead to outcomes that align with the company’s business goals.  
CTO - Chief Technology Officer job description

The CTO is responsible for all technology systems, processes, software design and development, acting as the technology and business expert alongside the CEO, providing leadership through their knowledge of technology, establishing the company’s technical vision, strategies, and plans for growth. 

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer job description

The CMO oversees the planning, development, and execution of a company’s marketing initiatives, leading the marketing team with enthusiasm and guidance, overseeing all marketing operations and developing the company’s marketing strategy and vision.

CHRO - Chief Human Resources Officer job description

The CHRO provides organizational leadership and implements human resource strategies that support the overall business plan, strategic direction and goals of the business, building a strong credibility of the company's HR functions through leadership skills, professional qualifications, and integrity.

So go ahead. Download the pre-written Job Description Templates now and enjoy the extra time you'll save from not having to write them from scratch!


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HR Toolkit  for

Create noticeably better
HR for your
Small Business


Create noticeably better
HR for your
small business clients

  • "...I wish I had this product years ago! It is an invaluable tool for time and resource-strapped HR departments to quickly turn out quality HR practices and procedures..."

    Coleen Hunter | National Director, Human Resources, PharmaSave
  • ...Finally!  A straightforward and comprehensive HR toolkit that makes sense for small businesses...
    Dana Murray | President, Prospec | Seattle, WA
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    Cyndy Ruiz | Principal HR Consultant, CRL & Associates | Seattle, WA
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    George Reznik | Chief Operating Officer & CFO, Infowave Software
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    Kent Toy | Director, Finance & Administration, Antarctica Systems
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    Jorge O. Aviles | Arrow Energy Ltd.