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consultant first day with client

Your first day with a new client as an HR consultant or HR contractor. You're ready! But even though you're a consummate professional, you still feel like your first day in daycare. Here are a few tips for Day 1.

Amazon Go Lost Jobs

You've likely seen this Amazon Go ad that resembles a futuristic grocery store from the Jetsons

I'm a big fan of increased efficiency as a consumer, but from an HR perspective, how will all these advancements affect retail jobs? Will they become extinct? 

dealing with difficult employees
We've all had to deal with a difficult employee, but a NOTMIC is a specific type of difficult individual.  NOTMIC is an acronym for "No One Told Me I Couldn’t".
company values

...unless of course they drive how you hire, promote, reward & fire.  

More often than not, when staff are asked to recite the mission and company values, the crickets start chirping...