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Curiosity in the Workplace

Maybe I’m biased, but if I was running a business, my first hire would be my brother Daniel. It doesn’t matter what the project, mission, or goal is, I want him on my team. And trust me, so do you. He is simply the best type of person and employee. Why?

Why you must have employees sign employment contract and policies before they start work

​Most employers are unaware of the legal challenges that could occur if an employee doesn't sign their employment agreement and policies before their first day of work. 

Find out how not to be one of them. 

Letting Go of Long Term Office Employees

How do you know when it's time to fire a long time employee? 

The answer is you don't, but discover the 6 signs that may help you shape your decision. 

Why Your Small Business Needs a Social Media Policy

You’re a small business. You have an awesome group of bright and discerning employees who you trust not to do anything stupid online. Of course, you don’t need a social media policy. Or do you?