How do I write a good Company Description for my job ad?

Here are some ways to write a good description of your company when writing a job ad. This section of your job ad may also be referred to as the "About Us" section of the job ad that describes your workplace as a good place to be. 

  • Ask your Marketing team to help you create your job ad template’s 'About Us' section, and to assist in developing professional formatting in line with your brand.
  • You should aim to create a compelling, but honest description of your company that can be consistently re-used going forward. 
  • Be honest and clear in the description of your culture. In addition to attracting individuals who might be a good fit, this also serves to deter those who are looking for a different type of company culture.
    The example text below may spark some ideas for creating a compelling and honest description of your company, as a business and as an employer.

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Example company description for job ad posting

This is an opportunity to join one of Seattle’s most successful financial services companies. Over the last 5 years, we have grown at an average rate of 30% each year. This newly-created position will be an integral part of our Finance team as we embark on the next phase of our growth. 

Established in 2009, ABC Industries is quickly becoming a leader in offering family financial solutions. Our creative marketing campaigns have quickly earned us brand recognition, and a reputation for being a breath of fresh air in our industry. In 2014, we were the proud recipients of the Award of Services Excellence, which recognizes the top financial service providers in the state. 

We believe that business needs to be disruptive and creative in order to thrive, and we think it’s important to provide an exciting and vibrant place to work.

And we’re not just good business folk.  We believe in giving back to the community. We actively support the Children Foundation with frequent fundraisers and paid service days for our employees.

But we admit we’re not for everyone. We’re successful because we have high standards, work hard, and hire smart people with strong critical thinking skills – people who are honest and confident enough to say “I don’t know – BUT I’ll find out!” People whose burning questions during interviews include “How many sick and vacation days do I get?” need not apply.  Your time here will be fast and furious and quite the ride.  But the rewards are plenty, and include a generous bonus program.

Our HR Strategy is simple:  To attract and retain top talent and like-minded people who intrinsically get a buzz out of building success. People who don’t need to be motivated to come to work. Because it’s in their blood.

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