Exempt Clients

As indicated in our standard product license agreement, ConnectsUs HR excludes certain individuals and businesses from purchasing:

The HR Toolkit for Small Business

You won't be able to sign up for the HR Toolkit for Small Business if: 

  • You have less than 3 employees
  • You don't have a corporate email address.  What does this mean
  • You're any of the following types of individuals or businesses:  
    • HR Consultant - Defined here
    • Anyone or any business or not-for-profit that provides HR-related services or software, or that "dabbles' in providing HR-related services including policy development, performance management, employee surveys, safety consulting, management consulting, HR consulting, HR advising, coaching, employee training, HR-related blogging, HR-related strategy, organizational development, HR-related tools or information.  
    • Any type of HR services or HR value-add tools to their clients. Including, but not limited to:
      • Recruitment services or software including employment agencies
      • Financial services for smaller businesses where HR often falls under the Finance Department - that may include providing HR tools, advice, contracts, employee handbooks, etc. 

HR Consultants are welcome to purchase ConnectsUs HR for Consultants, but cannot participate in this program.  Only the HR Toolkit for Small Business is eligible for this offer.

Any of our Products

Click here to for individuals, businesses or not-for-profits who are not eligible to purchase any ConnectsUs HR products. 

Not sure?  No problem!  Contact ConnectsUs Support for any questions you may have or clarifications you may need.