What's the definition of an HR Consultant?

We consider you an HR Consultant if: 


  • A sole and indedepent contractor or consulting practionner providing any type of HR Services.  You may or may not be affiliated with a consulting firm or practice.  
  • An individual affiliated with an umbrella HR consulting Firm or practice where you are a sole practionner with an arms length relationship to the Firm, an independent email address, and the ConnectsUs license is registered to you, the individual, and not the Consulting Firm.
  • Your agreement for services defines you as an independent contractor or vendor.
  • Your services are not part of an employee/employer relationship.
  • You provide services to more than one legal entity or client.
  • Your paid or unpaid services or volunteer work includes providing HR services to clients including:  
    • HR policy development
    • Employee surveys
    • Management consulting
    • HR consulting
    • Safety consulting
    • HR advising
    • Coaching
    • Employee training
    • Recruitment services


    An employee of the business or legal entity that will benefit from the use or eventual implementation of one or more ConnectsUs documents or information obtained from the ConnectsUs Resource Center.  This includes HR Consultants whose clients have provided them with a corporate email address. 
  • You are not a legal business that employs more than one Consultant. A Consulting Business cannot purchase a ConnectsUs subscription and cannot acquire a ConnectsUs license. ConnectsUs licenses can only be acquired by individual Consultants.  

Refer to Who is restricted from purchasing a ConnectsUs for Small Business or Consultant subscription? here  to understand restrictions related to purchasing any ConnectsUs products.