Who's restricted from purchasing any type of ConnectsUs subscription?

ConnectsUs does not accept the following types of competitors as subscription account holders. Competitors are strictly prohibited from purchasing a membership subscription, accessing or using the restricted areas of the website including the ConnectsUs Resource Center, ConnectsUs HR Kits, ConnectsUs documents and templates, without expressed permission in writing by the CEO of ConnectsUs. 

When purchasing any ConnectsUs HR product, you must warrant that you are not the following types of competitors:

  1. An organization that provides any type of HR-related services (an organization is defined as any entity that is not a sole practitioner, and/or employs/engages/partners with more than one employee or Independent Consultant with a non-arm’s length relationship to the organization, or has an affiliation to organizations relating to HR, whether for profit or non-profit), including but not limited to: 
    1. Consulting Providers including management, organizational development or HR consulting;
    2.  HR associations;
    3. HR service providers;
    4. HR educational or training institutions;
    5. HR advisors
    6. Recruitment agencies
  2. An **entity that creates, provides, sells, re-sells, or makes available for free, HR-related goods or products including but not limited to:
    1. Any type of print or electronic HR documents including HR templates, HR guides, HR spreadsheets, HR policy development, HR procedures, HR processes, HR systems;
    2. Free or paid online subscription that provides HR-related content;
    3. Cloud based HR-related solutions;
    4. HR resources;
    5. Online HR learning and training;
    6. HR tools;
    7. HR articles/blogs/updates/memberships that provide free tools or templates or any of the same or similar products and services as ConnectsUs HR;
    8. and all other entities that provide free tools or templates or any of the same or similar products and services as ConnectsUs HR. 

**An entity is defined as:

  • Any type of individual
  • HR service provider
  • Consultant
  • Registered business
  • Association
  • Partnership
  • Not-for-profit
  • Social profit
  • Public sector entity