Terms of Use - HR Toolkit for Small Business

The rulebook is clear and intuitive. Just good old fashioned common sense – and no fine print.

Full License Agreement

The top 6 list ... in plain English please

Here are the straight goods on the top 6 take-aways of our terms of use.  Most of it is pretty standard for any similar offering, with no 'gotcha's. Just in case, here's a translation of the top 6 legalese sections into plain English so even our great-great-grandmothers can understand them.

1.  Online Purchasing Criteria

Instant online purchases of the HR Toolkit for Small Business can only be processed for a business that:

  • has at least 3 or more employees
  • has a URL/domain for their business. For example, www.connectsus.com
  • the purchaser has a corporate email.  For example, Larry@connectsUs.com  (yahoo, Gmail, or other consumer email addresses will not be accepted). 
  • is not an HR Consultant

2.  "Consultants" and other HR entities can't buy HR Toolkit for Small Business

3.  The resources can only be used by you - the purchaser - with one email address per account/subscription

  • Templates and information found in the Resource Centers are to be used only by the license holder - the one entity who purchased the products. 
  • A subscription is tied to one unique email address for each entity that is the license holder. In other words, each company can only have one user with one email.  2 people in the same company cannot have separate accounts. 
  • We've priced our products right so small business can easily build practical HR, but that means that you can't share your login and password or the templates with anyone outside your company.  For example, you can't share your login with your brother-in-law for use in their company. But just in case...be aware that our templates include embedded identifiers that identify them as originating from ConnectsUs HR. 

4.  You can't customize our products and resell them as your own

5.  Your Subscription cannot be refunded.

  • If you purchase the HR Toolkit for Small Business, you can cancel your subscription at any time but unfortunately,  we strictly enforce our no-refund, no-credit policy once payment is made and you have logged into the Resource Center.  This refund policy is standard for any organization selling digital copyrighted content. 
  • Think of our products in the same way you would if the materials were delivered by way of zip file download that included all our templates. You would not be able to return a digital-content product once it is downloaded to your computer. 
  • Before you buy, the website provides examples and previews of all templates, detailed information about subscriptions, FAQ's, access to a trial account that allows you to tour every component of the product, as well as online chat functionality and phone/email support that can be used to clarify any questions that you may have prior to purchase.   

6.  Limit on Damages

It's never happened in the 15 years we've been in business... but in the remote event that it does happen, your damages could not exceed the price you paid for the product. It's a standard clause in most, if not all licenses and terms of use.  We're just not burying it in fine print.  

If you have any questions, please contact us, and we would be happy to hear from you and help clarify.

  • "...We needed a starting point for everything from policies to manager resources and got so much more."

    Karen Buchanan | Office Manager, BCTIA (BC Technologies Industry Association)
  • “…What a great product! I cannot emphasize enough how delighted I am with it…Your work is thorough, detailed, comprehensive, thought provoking, well laid out, easy to work with, professional, and great value. Thank you and compliments on a job very well done.”

    Grant Hodgins, B.Comm | CEO, Hodgins Auctioneers Inc.
  • "...I wish I had this product years ago! It is an invaluable tool for time and resource-strapped HR departments to quickly turn out quality HR practices and procedures..."

    Coleen Hunter | National Director, Human Resources, PharmaSave
  • "Just a quick note to say thank you!  ConnectsUs HR toolkit is the perfect solution for our needs. The point and click application combined with the rich content of best practices gives us everything we need to create professional results.”

    Theresa Partlow | Director, Human Resources, Emeritus Assisted Living | Seattle, WA
  • "As a fresh start up with big growth plans, ConnectsUs products were the perfect tools for establishing our HR baseline. It's truly invaluable.”

    Bill Tam | CEO, EQO Communications
  • ...Finally!  A straightforward and comprehensive HR toolkit that makes sense for small businesses...
    Dana Murray | President, Prospec | Seattle, WA