Terms of Use - HR Toolkit for Consultants

The Straight Goods

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By purchasing the  HR Toolkit for Consultants™, you agree to the following terms:

The Intent Behind the Toolkits

The Toolkits are meant to:

  • Provide Independent HR Consultants with the tools they need to be successful in their solo practices.  
  • Supplement  and add value to  HR Consulting services. i.e., bill your clients for materials created from the toolkit, as long as you bundle those documents with a reasonable amount of corresponding services. Re-branding and re-selling the HR Toolkit materials on their own, as your own, is not ok and is a serious breach of these terms of use. 

Are you Eligible for Purchase?

Find out if you're eligible for purchase: 

  1. Do you fit the definition of an HR Consultant?
  2. Are you restricted from purchasing any of our toolkits? 
  3. Do you provide services to clients that are restricted from using our products

If you're eligible for purchase, refer to the next section. 

What you can do with the HR Toolkit for Consultants™

You can: 

  1. Use the downloaded HR documents, templates, and file folders ("Downloaded Materials") for up to 5 new clients, as long as you provide corresponding services directly related to the Downloaded Materials.  If you exceed 5 new clients per subscription term, you can purchase a new subscription which will provide you with a new license of 5 clients.  
  2. Use Downloaded Materials directly for your clients.
  3. Create your own re-usable HR toolkit using the Downloaded Materials.
  4. Re-use content from your own HR toolkit for clients.
  5. Market and provide an HR Consulting bundle offering that includes a combination of your own HR consulting services and some or all of the Downloaded Materials, subject to (1).  
  6. You don't have to disclose to your clients that you're using the HR Toolkit.
  7. You don't have to keep reference to ConnectsUs HR branding within the Downloaded Materials. You can modify documents and replace logos.
  8. You don't need to renew your bi-annual subscription for clients you acquired and for whom Downloaded Materials were used in a previous subscription period. 
  9. You must contractually have your clients sign that the Downloaded Materials you have produced for them are proprietary and cannot be sold, copied or re-used by anyone other than your clients' employees.  Here is some suggested language:
  • Any original work, forms, templates or programs produced by Contractor prior to the Term of this Agreement (‘Prior Work’), is set out in SCHEDULE A;
  • Prior Work supplied to the Client and used and altered in the course of performing the Services shall not be considered a “work for hire”, but shall be owned by Contractor and licensed to the Client for the Client’s use in its own business on a perpetual, royalty-free basis without any right to assign or sub-license.
  • The Client will take reasonable measures to ensure that it will not allow its Staff Members or other third parties to make copies of Prior Work for use outside the Client.
  • The Client will ensure that future HR professionals hired to provide Services for the Client will be contractually required to adhere to Section 3.  

What you can't do with the HR Toolkit for Consultants™

You cannot:

  1. Purchase ConnectsUs HR™ for Small Business. You can only purchase ConnectsUs HR for Consultants™.
  2. Get a refund for your subscription. Once you have access to the Resource Center, you have access to our copyrighted templates and materials and a refund cannot be provided under any circumstances. 
  3. Use any content on the Resource Center for clients, or sell any component of Downloaded Materials, without providing corresponding services related to the Downloaded Materials you intend to submit to your clients. 
  4. Provide services to clients who are restricted from using our products
  5. Use any part of ConnectsUs to create your own stand-alone products and resell them as your own.
  6. Publicly or generally market yourself as selling a stand-alone proprietary or branded HR toolkit, ready-made HR templates, HR forms, HR documents, HR guides, or manager resources - without marketing that these tools will be accompanied by your services.  
  7. Give your clients or anyone other than yourself access to the Resource Center.  It can only be accessed by you – and your login and password cannot be used by someone else. 

Your Subscription cannot be refunded.

  • If you purchase the HR Toolkit for Consultants, you can cancel your subscription at any time but unfortunately,  we strictly enforce our no-refund, no-credit policy once payment is made and you have logged into the Resource Center.  This refund policy is standard for any organization selling digital copyrighted content. 
  • Think of our products in the same way you would if the materials were delivered by way of zip file download that included all our templates. You would not be able to return a digital-content product once it is downloaded to your computer. 
  • Before you buy, the website provides examples and previews of all templates, detailed information about subscriptions, FAQ's, access to a trial account that allows you to tour every component of the product, as well as online chat functionality and phone/email support that can be used to clarify any questions that you may have prior to purchase.   

If you have any questions, please contact us, and we would be happy to hear from you and help clarify.

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