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Need Help with Recruiting?

Are you hiring? Finding it difficult to fill your positions? Or just don't have time or the expertise to do it yourself?

Recruiting is an Art. And mistakes are Costly. 

Many of us believe that hiring can be easily done by any manager. The truth is that most hiring managers don't have the expertise or experience to properly review applications to find that hidden nugget that often isn't immediately obvious.  Many managers also rush through the process and interviews to get back to their other responsibilities and deadlines. 

But in the current competitive market, the recruiting process is time-sensitive and suitable candidates must be approached and treated like customers every step of the way. Hiring the wrong person who doesn't pass their probationary period or doesn't stick around because the job and culture wasn't clearly defined up front can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars.  

We'll help you do it right.  

How it works 

It's straightforward. Here's how it works:


  1. Meet with you to understand your business, your culture and the position. 
  2. Help you determine the salary range and retention strategies.
  3. Create the job description and the ad. You approve it. (We can also help you enhance the career page on your website.)
  4. Place the ad where appropriate depending on the position. 
  5. Collect and review the applications. 
  6. Zoom interview 10 preliminary candidates. 
  7. Present you with 2 or 3 top candidates, depending on the number of responses. 
  8. Set up your interviews with internal stakeholders of your choice. 
  9. Create the interview questionnaire for interviewers. If you like, we can participate in those interviews.
  10. Check the references. 
  11. Create the offer.  
  12. And manage candidates every step of the way! 

How much does it cost?

The cost is dependent on a number of different factors and we'll provide you with a quote during our initial consultation. 

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