Thumbs up for our Toolkits!

Here's just a sample of the feedback we've received.

I just wanted to write to say that ConnectsUs HR™ for Consultants is truly a gift. I've been searching for this type of support with other service providers with no luck. The templates and Resource Center you have created are so helpful, and provide a comprehensive menu of topics, best practices and well-written content that would have taken months to create from scratch. In most cases, my clients don't want to wait long to see results. I am very thankful to have found your product that makes me look so good!

Thank you again!

A new and thankful customer

Stacey Messner | Principle Consultant | staceymessner.com

"...Never before have I seen a product that so easily and completely supports the creation of HR practices. Don't reinvent the wheel - buy one of the best wheels invented to take your small business forward..."

Patti Sheehan | Principal, Puget Sound People Solutions | Seattle, WA

"Just a quick note to say thank you!  ConnectsUs HR toolkit is the perfect solution for our needs. The point and click application combined with the rich content of best practices gives us everything we need to create professional results.”

Theresa Partlow | Director, Human Resources, Emeritus Assisted Living | Seattle, WA

"As a fresh start up with big growth plans, ConnectsUs products were the perfect tools for establishing our HR baseline. It's truly invaluable.”

Bill Tam | CEO, EQO Communications

“…We were constantly “reinventing” the wheel when it came to establishing even the most basic administrative policies, procedures and templates (we were constantly “borrowing” examples from our sister organizations).  Your product provides us with virtually everything we were looking for in one nice, neat customizable package.”

Brenda Taillefer | Executive Assistant, Athabasca Watershed Council

"...An HR resource at your fingertips; take it as it is, or customize it to meet your needs. Just what every business owner needs!"

Carol Hama | Director, Professional Development & Services, HRMA - British Columbia Human Resources Management Association

...Finally!  A straightforward and comprehensive HR toolkit that makes sense for small businesses...

Dana Murray | President, Prospec | Seattle, WA

"... We had a menu of everything we could possibly need to quickly create HR best practices. The toolkit helped me understand what every small business should have in place."

Salina Visram Landstad | Partner, Creative Spirits

 "... covers all the bases and really do let us focus on fine-tuning an existing product to meet our needs instead of starting completely from scratch."

Ed Anderson | President, Dyrand Systems

"...In a small business, best HR practices are sometimes not implemented due to a lack of resources or HR knowledge. With ConnectsUs products, we were able to implement them quickly and easily."

Chris Breikss | President, 6S Marketing Inc. | New York, New York

"... much-needed and well thought out. We recommend the products to our clients who have a need to cut through the complexities of managing their employees. It’s easy to use and provides immediate value.”

Greg Pallone | President, TRG Group

"...We needed a starting point for everything from policies to manager resources and got so much more."

Karen Buchanan | Office Manager, BCTIA (BC Technologies Industry Association)

"...Comprehensive, well-written and creative… provided us with a new perspective on what kind of best practices we should be implementing for existing and new employees... great value with instant return on investment."

George Reznik | Chief Operating Officer & CFO, Infowave Software

"Entirely straightforward!  Our Office Administrator basically took the templates and ran with them in a few days…professionally written using common language, and demonstrates significant and immediate value."

Kent Toy | Director, Finance & Administration, Antarctica Systems

“I love your products. You have done a truly fabulous job with your toolkits. I’ve just spent 3 hours customizing your toolkit for one of my clients, and what I’ve done already would have any

Deborah Nicols | Principal HR Consultant, Nicols & Dymes Consulting Inc.

"...My partner and I will be forever grateful to ConnectsUs HR toolkits for helping us get our personnel back on track with clear policies and procedures. Getting on board with the product was a piece of cake..."

Sherrita Magalde | Co-Owner, Amigo Travel | Salt Lake City, UT

“…I finished my first draft of the whole manual yesterday; after only 3 weeks of having your product. It would have taken me months to do the same thing by myself. THANKS A LOT FOR A WONDERFUL TOOL!...”

Jorge O. Aviles | Arrow Energy Ltd.

“…What a great product! I cannot emphasize enough how delighted I am with it…Your work is thorough, detailed, comprehensive, thought provoking, well laid out, easy to work with, professional, and great value. Thank you and compliments on a job very well done.”

Grant Hodgins, B.Comm | CEO, Hodgins Auctioneers Inc.

"...I wish I had this product years ago! It is an invaluable tool for time and resource-strapped HR departments to quickly turn out quality HR practices and procedures..."

Coleen Hunter | National Director, Human Resources, PharmaSave

"...Easy to use and cost-effective.  ConnectsUs HR toolkits has all the tools I need for developing my HR policies and procedures, and company information."

Matthew Eichhorst | President, Expedia CruiseShipCenters

“...As an HR Professional, the toolkit is an indispensable resource. It includes templates I would never have thought to include for HR best practices..."

Cyndy Ruiz | Principal HR Consultant, CRL & Associates | Seattle, WA

"Rather than wasting countless hours reinventing the wheel, a lot of the leg work is done for you. Worth checking out. A real help if you need to get HR best practices in place in a short amount of time."

Martina Page | Human Resources, ARC’Teryx