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Independent contractors sign off policy manual

Should you require your independent contractors to sign off on your policies?  For example, harassment, code of conduct, intellectual property, safety?

Sourcing Prospective Employees. A Cost Effective Recruiting Strategy for Small Business

You've just had an epic experience with a customer service representative who effortlessly brings you down from the ceiling. You have a fleeting thought that they would be a great fit for your Customer Service team.  And you hang up the phone.  

This article is about helping you take the ‘fleeting’ out of your thoughts when you come across top talent.

Marie Kondo your electronic HR file folders

Admit it. (No one's listening). You're still using paper HR documents & filing cabinets.

Download the zip file that contains a pre-assembled directory of electronic HR folders and sub-folders to instantly Marie Kondo your documents.  Guaranteed to spark joy. 

consideration to sign off employee agreement before hire

You're excited about launching your new employee handbook. Find out how to get your employees to be just as excited to sign it!