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Is Your Engagement Problem really a Hiring Problem?

You may be hiring for the wrong reasons. You'll save yourself from some costly hiring mistakes if you remember to engage the PERSON and not just the EMPLOYEE.

Lifelong Learning: the key to an evolving workplace

Every 5 years, your skills are about ½ as valuable as they were before. 

Some canned goods have a longer shelf life! (I’m picturing myself rummaging through my cupboard throwing out cans, each labelled with a skill I’ve accumulated over the years, half of which are no longer useful to me. The thought hurts a little.)

Curiosity in the Workplace

Maybe I’m biased, but if I was running a business, my first hire would be my brother Daniel. It doesn’t matter what the project, mission, or goal is, I want him on my team. And trust me, so do you. He is simply the best type of person and employee. Why?

From the good, the bad, and the not so pretty, to the solutions and tips I’ve learned along the way, this is my honest experience of working remotely.