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HR Consulting Services


What we do

We provide flexible HR services to start ups, or Canadian companies with 20 to 100 office staff.

Focus on Small Business

If you don't have HR - or your HR department needs a makeover, and you have between 20 and 100 professional/office staff, we're the HR support you've been looking for. 

We 'get' small business and your HR pain points. We understand how competitive and challenging it can be to find, hire and keep motivated, highly sought after A-Players.  We speak your language and our services use the tools you have and know.

Set Up or Enhance HR

We quickly and cost-effectively set up or enhance your HR department using our ready-to-assemble HR toolkits to create tailor-made HR solutions.

It's true. A significant percentage of HR essentials is the same from one client to the next. We'll pass those savings on to you and quickly set up your HR at a fraction of the time and cost. 

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Provide HR Services

We provide strategic or transactional HR services remotely or on your premises based on your immediate or longer term priorities. 

From planning to execution.  Marketing job openings to orientation.  Probationary periods to performance improvement plans.

A list of our HR services is provided below.


Who we are

Ariane laird
HR services are led and often delivered by our principle HR consultant, Ariane Laird, and supported by administrators, HR contractors, and employment lawyers to ensure you get the most cost-effective results.  

Like you, we're resourceful and pragmatic with a high level of business acumen.  We also know how to turn around the skeptics who don't believe HR adds value. (You know who you are!) 

We're bold, direct and happy professionals. We know how to play the role of bad cop or good cop to even out an HR challenge. We believe that HR is a business partner and we know how to balance the needs of staff with those of the business.  
Find out how we roll.

Ariane has decades of experience having worked with nearly 50 clients providing HR services in Canada and the US in various professional industries including:

  • High Tech 
  • Not for Profit 
  • Retail/Franchise 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Financial/Real Estate/Other Services 

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HR Services

We provide 2 types of HR services:

Setting Up your
HR Department

We've got the experience, expertise and ready-made tools to quickly set up your HR fundamentals. That's what we do.

  • Employee Handbook
  • Employment & contractor agreements
  • Recruiting & performance review processes
  • Compensation plans
  • Benefits
  • HR administration
  • Career web pages
  • Employee data
  • Track vacation & other absences

Bottom line, we can set up your HR department so that it can easily be accessed by HR, your managers and staff.  Because most HR resources are not just for HR.


  1. We meet to determine your HR pain points. (We'll drive!) 
  2. We provide you with a proposal and options.
  3. We sign a contract. 
  4. We build your HR. We implement it and document it.
  5. We provide easy-to-follow instructions to your managers, staff and HR (delegate).
  6. They use their new HR.


  1. We train your staff and/or managers
  2. We hire & train your HR professional; or
  3. We continue providing HR services.


Fixed-term or fixed-price contracts available to accommodate your budget. 

Strategic & Transactional
HR Services

We have decades of HR consulting/contracting experience in BC. Here's a menu of HR services we provide:  

Strategic HR (Consulting)

  • HR strategy/planning
  • Organizational development
  • Succession planning
  • Employee Engagement
  • Culture

Transactional HR (Contracting)

  • A-Z Recruiting & Hiring (justifying & marketing new positions, collecting applications, interviewing, reference checking, profiling, extending offers, orientation)
  • Employee relations
  • Employee surveys
  • Job descriptions
  • Salary surveys & job evaluation
  • Performance reviews and improvement
  • Terminations
  • Manager/staff coaching
  • HR Administration


Fixed Term

We determine a regular schedule for HR services. Example:  
Full day every Monday & Thursday for 3 months. 

Project-based Fixed Fee

We scope out the work, give you a proposal, and we begin! 


Fixed Term

We believe that services should be provided and priced based on the level of value they provide and that work is assigned to our team based on skills and expertise. Do what you're good at, delegate the rest!

This means that we have 3 levels of pricing that we track during a billing cycle.  Administrative, Senior, and Strategic.  For example, scheduling interviews would be billed at an Administrative rate, interviewing is billed at a Senior rate. 

We also provide a discount for longer-term contracts and for services provided remotely. 


Fixed-fee pricing is available for well-defined projects with minimal contingencies as well as recruiting and hiring projects.

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