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HR Toolkit for Small Business provides the tools and resources you need to create and maintain HR fundamentals for your small Canadian business.  Don't operate in Canada? 

What's Included

HR Builder and HR Hub.  Use the links on the right to learn more.  


Set up your HR department

Create HR materials

HR Priorities   

250+ Premium Templates

Employee Manual Kit

HR Kits

HR Processes

HR Folders  

HR Intranet 


Support your HR function

Resources & Support


Working Remotely 

Mental Health Kit

What's New 

Legislation & Email Notifications

Employment Lawyers

Help & Support


Find out what's in it for you. 



Why Renew? 

New & Improved!  We've added so much more this last year: 

  • We've launched a new resource center with a new professional look, improved navigation and search functionality. 
  • We're on top of COVID-19 with weekly updates and new templates as things change.  
  • Get continued access to pre-written templates and legislated updates, including jurisdiction-specific Employee Handbook updates for 3 provinces.

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