The handbook created for businesses that offer Unlimited PTO

Unlimited PTO Policy Example

If you offer your employees unlimited paid time off as a benefit, you'll need an Unlimited PTO Policy example.

Addressing the challenges of coordination of policies when offering Unlimited PTO

We've created a complete employee manual that coordinates all topics and policies to address the nuances and legal considerations that are inherent when offering unlimited PTO.  

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Policies do not live in a vacuum. They must be written to coordinate with one another.  Offering unlimited paid time off presents certain challenges for Canadian organizations when other policies in our templates require modification to accommodate these unique circumstances. 

For example, unlimited paid time off can present challenges in calculating (legislated) vacation pay, or being clear about what type of absences are eligible for PTO. Maternity leave and other absences covered by legislation, should not be included as part of Unlimited PTO benefit. They require their own set of procedures that should not be muddled with an employer private benefit. 

For the most part, employees are loyal and committed to employers. However, when they become ill or have to take time off in emergency situations or when becoming parents, their priorities often change and they can quickly become disconnected with the employer and may no longer be willing to discuss win-win absence plans.  Having strong coordinated policies in place will protect the employer when things go wrong. 

About the Unlimited PTO Policy Examples

  • The HR Toolkit includes an Employee Manual Kit that comes with 3 comprehensive employee manual templates. We've just added a new Unlimited PTO Policy Manual Example for businesses who offer Unlimited PTO. 
  • While the  Unlimited PTO Policy Manual Example is written for Ontario employers, the Unlimited PTO Policy Manual Example is easily modified for other provinces and other jurisdictions.  Notations are made for non-Ontario employers. 
  • All other tutorials in the Employee Manual Kit, such as customization instructions and checklists, are applicable to the Unlimited PTO policy manual example. 
  • The Employee Manual Kit which includes the Unlimited PTO policy manual example, is one of 22 kits included in the HR Toolkit

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