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HR Program for INFUSE Training clients - Free!

You need HR

Clients often share with us a common pain point that goes something like this:


You don't know where to start, who to call, what to do - so you often do nothing. 

Even better. You need easy HR.

We’ve listened and we've entered into a program with ConnectsUs HR ™ so you can get access to easy HR. 

The HR Toolkit for Small Business is a an online Resource Center that provides the tools and resources you need to create and maintain your HR Fundamentals.

Take advantage of the proven toolkit made for Canadian small business and compliant for 3 provinces. 

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Find out more about the HR Toolkit features and benefits.  
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ConnectsUs HR has been In business since 2006 serving over 10,000 users

The best part?  It's free!

There’s no cost to you - we’ve picked up the tab! 
You won’t even have to provide a credit card.

Read on to find out how to sign up to
take advantage of this one-of-a-kind offer. On us!



Paul Williams | President  | Infuse Compliance System

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  • Refer to the introductory email that was sent to you; or
  • Email who will be happy to provide it to you. 

What you Need to Know before you Sign Up

Important Information & Restrictions

  • IMPORTANT. Find out which of our clients/employers are not eligible for this program.  Your subscription will be cancelled immediately after placing your order if you're not eligible to sign up for this program. 
  • If you sign up, you'll be adhering to the HR Toollkit License Agreement.
  • Limited to ONE free order/subscription/account per client. In other words, you can't create 2 or more accounts for 2 or more different users in your company. The coupon code you're provided can only be used for one user. 
  • You can only sign up once with the program code.  As long as we maintain the ConnectsUs HR program, your subscription will automatically be renewed every year, so there's no need to sign up again. 
  • If at some point we discontinue the free HR program, ConnectsUs HR will advise you and you'll have the option to sign up with them directly at a discounted partner rate. 
  • We reserve the right to limit the sign-up to 30 of our clients. 

How to Sign Up

    Click on the Add to Cart button below or fill out the form manually. 
  1. Enter the program code you received, into the "Coupon Code" field and your order will be free  show me
  2. Complete the Check Out process to register.  NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED!  
  3. Your registration will be on hold until ConnectsUs confirms with the registered company that you're a bona fide client of theirs.  
  4. Once confirmation is received, you'll get an email from ConnectsUs HR to set your login password.
  5. If you have any questions about the program once you want to sign up, please contact ConnectsUs HR directly and they will be happy to provide you with support.  
  6. That's it!  Enjoy your FREE HR! 

$698  FREE!

Once your program code is entered,
your order will be freeshow me