Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Template

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Manadatory Employee Vaccination Policy

All basic employee handbooks and comprehensive employee manuals in the Employee Handbook Kit now include a COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policy template. 

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What's included in the Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Template

This is a comprehensive and detailed formal Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy that is written to apply to both employees and visitors and can be customized to apply to various scenarios. It also serves as a checklist for what you need to consider. It includes the following sections:

Definitions of Terms


COVID-19 Officer & Privacy of Personal Information
False Attestations
Choosing not to Comply with this Policy


Partial COVID-19 Vaccination Grace Period for Staff
Submitting Proof of Vaccinations
Applying for an Exemption to Being Vaccinated
Applying for a Creed/Religious Exemption
Applying for a Medical Exemption

COVID-19 Medical Accommodation Form

Accommodations for Staff with an Approved Exemption to being Vaccinated

Before implementing this policy.

Despite an increase in adoption of this type of policy at a federal and provincial level, requiring people to be vaccinated in non-healthcare settings remains a highly divisive issue that has not yet been tested in the courts. Click here to find out more about what to consider before implementing this policy. 

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